Wednesday, October 17, 2012

(TIARA) Belle's Birthday Brawl

Sunday was Daddy's day with his girls (age 3 1/2 and 21 months), so we broke out some of the birdhouses and told a story.

It was Belle's birthday and all the kids in the neighborhood were invited to the Princess Castle for a party.  Even the famous David the Gnome, Kenny the Gnome, and Zeke the Mouse each got invites!  Belle opened her presents in the courtyard and got a lot of cool presents from Abby, Drink Boy, Hula Girl, and the gnomes,  but Belle also received a magic turtle in an umarked box.   Where did this come from?

Belle's party and the magic turtle. Millie in the background.
Suddenly a group of goblins came out of a small outbuilding and charged party!  The children ran home, the Royal Guard ran out to defend Princess Belle, even the gnomes stopped eating cake to come outside.

The Primerville Goblins strike!
 Belle ran back into the castle, and outside a giant goblin unwisely wanting to pick a fight with Zeke the Mouse, the goblin leaders grabbed the magic turtle and started to run back to the tunnel inside the outbuilding.
Running away with the Turtle
 Maja interjected into the storytelling, "Abby is going to come back use her magic to blow up the building."   She rolled her multi-color die, got a green, and me breaking out Legions of Steel tiles for a short dungeoncrawl turned into a climatic final battle behind the old church!

The goblin leaders met up with their henchman, a giant cat, and of course, a stinky kangaroo to protect the magic turtle.
Our heroes fight the ultimate fight!
 The fight was a bit of a stalemate. Only David the Gnome got a significantly hurt with a boo-boo on the knee.  After an eternity of dice rolling, Zeke the Mouse got hot, taking out a goblin leader and knocking out the stinky kangaroo to regain possession of the magic turtle.  The goblins quickly lost morale and scattered off.
Mouse, Victorious!
 With the turtle returned, the party could continue.  The David's injury, they gave him a special chair for hurt gnomes.He could not dance with the rest of the guests, but Zeke invited some of his mouse friends, and a good time drinking juice boxes was had by all.

War heroes party in VIP!
But what of the mysterious magic turtle?  Why did the goblins appear to try to ruin the party?  Next week Mommy has a wine country bus trip with her girlfriends, so Daddy gets to run a follow up... if the girls are willing.

After 90 minutes Maja took over and spent another 30 minutes playing tea party with everything.  Millie needed a snuggle and nap and as fast as we started, everything was put away.  My makeshift TIARA system  performed well to keep Maja occupied, although a string of  "no action" rolls slowed down the finale.

I had been using multicolor dice for resolution (red,green, blue, yellow as an weird squarish four sider).  Green was good for the heroes, red bad, and the others we continued telling the story.  We expanded using the giant multicolor d6 we got from Pop's Culture Shoppe and allowed her to pick an extra color when Zeke started getting hot. Outside of Zeke's luck, the extra sides obviously slowed down combat resolution.  I'll need to find some replacements of the four color ones I've misplaced.

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