Sunday, June 16, 2013

Attack of the 50-Foot Princess!

Ah, Father's Day!  Playing Mr Mom while the wife works a full day, we got in a trip to the park, a nice long walk, and our annual Father's Day game with the kids.

During our last game this Spring, Snow White was captured by the Germans and experimented upon.  She's gotten loose and needless to say she's a bit peeved.

The Townsfolk Flee!
The Order of Battle
Snow White
Objective: Reach the tower at the end of the board.  This should take four turns. 
Special Rules:  Treat the Princess as an OGRE (a la Steve Jackson).  She moves 11 inches (a sheet of paper lengthwise) per turn and can perform any two actions as well.  Success base is 7+ on two dice

The National Guard
8x infantry riflemen
2x machine guns
2x bazooka
1x howitzer (initially unmanned.  Two can give their action that round to operate it)
1x tank

Special rules:  infantry hit roll 1d6, hit on 5-6, then roll d20 for hit location 15-20 head)
Machine guns roll 2d6, bazookas 3d6, tank 4d6.  If they roll all 6's each scores a two points of damage.
1x Bruce Carmezind "The most interesting gnome in the world".  2d to hit, 4+ save to avoid catastrophe. 

The town was a collection of shoebox buildings and birdhouses from Michael's .  Upon discovering the kids had used up their hoarder level supply of construction paper, particularly the black pieces, I hastily grabbed a handful of lunch bags, spray painted them black and painted a double yellow line on it because Maja, my oldest at 4, said that it wasn't a real road without one.
The Calm Before the Storm
Deployment:  Snow White started at the near end of the table  opposite her objective.    The army men set up on top of the "Maja Train Station", because she set them up for me.

Nice kid.  I did convince her to move one bazooka to the decorative boat on the roof of the building across the street. 

Turn one:  
Snow White went first and promptly walked over to the station, knocked two guys off the roof, then weakly kicking a car on top of them.  The army responded with ineffective hits to the body except the machine guns, with tallied two heat shots.  Six more head hits and the Princess was going down... indefinitely.  I also made most of them run for the hills.

Captain? Can we call in reinforcements?
Turn two:  
Snow White turned to destroying buildings.  It was a simple roll of her 4d strength versus the building's .  Shoeboxes were 2d, while birdhouses were 4d.

The station never stood a chance, and neither did the lone guy who remained there.  She kicked a car and hit two guys hiding across the street.

The army responded with a more effective barrage.  The howitzer got manned and responded with three body hits and one machine gun rolled double 6s .  Bruce Carmezind even managed to climb to the roof of the church to distract her.  The only major problem was the tank.  I rolled. 1, 1, 1, 2 and ruled the the tank couldn't aim high enough and compromised the church with its blast!

Turn three: 
Snow White tried to grab the most interesting gnome, but failed, and in her ensuing rage, knocked down the weakened church.   The church collapsed and Bruce took actual physical damage!   He fell off the church and onto the floor, breaking off his hand!  Luckily the hand is pinned on, so a little glue and he will come back!

She watches the die rolls like this too.
Realizing that she could waltz into the tower the next turn without any resistance (initiative creates more problems than anything else in our games, so I just do girls-go-Dad-goes and all is well) I asked the the dice gods for their blessing and went to town.

Double sixes from a machine gun.
All four hits head shots.  

The infantry and tank did moderate damage to her body, but even if I had another turn it would take incredible luck to being her down that way.  I had one bazooka left, still sitting in the boat on top of the one building.

6, 6, 3. -  darnit, only two hits.
First location:  15. One head hit to go and she falls mere inches away from the tower.
Second location: 6.  Snow White stumbles to the tower and gets shrunk down.  

Back to normal
Great fun, the girls only took one break to watch some Tom & Jerry for five minutes.  The makeshift roads look like they'll last for a few sessions, but there are questions as to who Snow White's mysterious benefactor is.

I guess the world will never know.

We Do!!!!!!

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