Friday, June 7, 2013

Gnomes Around the World

CWhile the epicenter of the Gnome Wars universe is largely the Mid-Atlantic,  Brigade Games ships anywhere on the planet so there's a good chance that their are gnomes on all the continents.  

I know there are gnomes in Australia thanks to Helen and her now defunct Tankgirl blog, and some running around the tables of Europe with the continental Fantasy WWI figures.  I would love to see more. 

Back in the states, we had two GW games that were outside our normal zone of dominance:

Please note, none of these pics are mine
Gnomecon II - Savannah, Georgia

Fantastic paint job on the Highlanders, and an actual appearance of the Gnomes of the South
The Gnomeling Cricket Cav Ready for Battle.

In a battle between a War  Elephant and a truck, always bet on the elephant

Enfilade 2013, Seattle, Washington

The Russians have reached the West Coast!

Love the Tank, love the Znombies, but another fantastic paint job on the Highlanders for the win!

The Russians don't seem as motivated as their officer.  Might need to add a MG team in the rear for motivation

GW (Gnome Wars) Znombies in a GW (Games Workshop) Cemetary piece


  1. I can send you the ACTUAL pics from GnomeCon II if you like.

  2. Also, the 3d pic from the top was from Williamsburg Muster in Virginia.