Monday, June 3, 2013

(Kickstarter) Baby's First Mythos

In a similar veing of revisions and adjustments like the CoC 7th Edition Kickstarter, I somehow completely missed a month of the the Baby's First Mythos Kickstarter

Baby's First Mythos, by Erica and CJ Henderson, has been a twisted educational book, covering one's numbers and ABCs.  Since it's original printing, it's been a bit of a cult classic, done before the Lovecraft parody children's books like Where the Deep Ones Are were even a glint in the eye of the author.  With the exception of the addition of the letter "X",  little has changed.

Now the artist would like a new printing, with all new artwork  and a few nursery rhymes!  Reading is fundamental, even you're a fundamentalist cultist!

A $20 pledge will get you the hardback copy of the book, which will be double the pagecount of the original, plus the pdf.  After all these Kickstarters that require an $80, $100, or even $333 pledge to get into the mix, it's nice to see such a reasonable project (that has almost doubled its goal...)

More importantly, as I type this THERE ARE ONLY THREE DAYS LEFT!

Go forth, educate our young spawn, errr.. children the Mythos way!

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