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The Apathy of New Releases (July '13)

Although there are gamers everywhere pinching pennies to ensure they just enough fundage to survive a pilgrimage to GenCon, the September and beyond releases are being solicited.  If you have regulars that take the trip, their enthusiasm can carry over to your open gaming area, and a store owner is wise to keep an ear to the ground to supplement the idle chit chat with physical product to tempt the ones who stayed at home.

My Must Have Want List
Nothing.  Almost feels good to be back to normal

My Money is No Object Want List
While I wouldn't buy them sight unseesn, even if I had hit the powerball, I might be interested in Pelgrane Press'  Trail of Cthulhu: The Final Revelation as well as the Dystopian Legions new Ironclads (i.e. big-ass tank).

The Imaginary Store List (The Pegleg Gnome)
For a store, the first thing I noticed was a LOT of re-solicited items or "Offered Again"   Overall, the new item count is down and companies like Avalanche Press get a much larger portion of the book.  I don't know if the companies pay for this,  Alliance just received a restock, or Alliance wants to move some product before blowing it out, but it's always a nice change.
Alderac has a new L5R expansion plus three new stand alone card games. While the games range from $10-20,  I'd like to see some buzz from GenCon or anywhere before I invest in the six unit displays.

Arcane Wonders
Mage Wars: Conquest of Kumanjaro
I really thought that Mage Wars would vanish from the surface of the planet.  In a world of high quality board games, it had looked mediocre on its best presentation.  Reviews have not been too promising and I've only seen it at cons, and discounted heavily too boot.  An expansion for the game boggles my mind.

Ares Games
Sails of Glory
Assembled cardstock ships representing the historical Age of Sail, rather than the one from the Pirates line?

Atlas Games
Ars Magica 5th Edition:  The Contested Isle - The Hibernian Tribunal  $29.95

Catalyst Games
Battletech Introductory Boxed Set.                                                     $59.95
Leviathan Captains Box                                                                      $59.95
Sigh, it's a sad day when even Battletech is a $60 boxed set.

Captain Treasure Boots
Fish Cook
Then again, when a company called Cheapass Games puts out new products are all $15.00, it makes sense.

Street Fighter the Deck Building Game                                                $40.00
This is either going to be respectable or drop like a lead balloon.

Cubicle 7
World War Cthulhu   The Darkest Hour                                              $39.95
A new campaign setting, using BRP.

Evil Hat
FATE Core System                                                                            $25.00
From Kickstarter to reality.  It does happen!

Spirit of the Century  Beyond Dinopacalypse                                       $15.00

Fantasy Flight Games
Star Wars X-wing Miniatures  Game: B-wing Expansion Pack                              $14.95
Star Wars X-wing Miniatures Game: Hwk-290 Light  Freighter Expansion Pack   $14.95
Star Wars X-wing Miniatures Game: Lambdaclass Shuttle Expansion Pack           $29.95
Star Wars X-wing Miniatures Game: Tie Bomber Expansion Pack                        $14.95

Goodman Games
Dungeon Crawl Classics #79: Frozen In Time                                                       $ 9.99

John Wick Presents
Wicked Fantasy                                                                                                   $49.95
John Wick envisions a Pathfinder campaign with new visions of the races, each with a "Wicked" twist to it.

Yu-gi-oh! Tcg: Judgment Of The Light Booster Display (24)
Yu-gi-oh! Tcg: Number Hunters Booster Display (24)

Transparent Polyhedral Colors Dice  7- or 10-Piece Assortments                $6.00 or $8.00
This doesn't psyche the average gamer if they look at the Game Trade Monthly. (Stock see-through dice in different colors? Excellent!)  As I've stated before, retailers need to stock more dice, both individual and in sets. They are an impulse buy in the store's equivilant of the candy display at the register.    All the recent sets being promoted were over $10 a piece!    Six bucks is less than two packs of the latest CCG, and everybody loves dice.

Do my eyes deceive me.  A company selling just bases?  A wee bit costly, and no description telling me what they're made of, but it's a start.

Osprey Publishing
The Book of Camouflage                                                                             $9.99
I'd be more worried about this book disappearing off the shelves *rimshot*

Bolt Action: Armies of France and the Allies                                                $24.95
Myths and Legends: Thor, Viking God of Thunder                                       $17.95
Zombies: A Hunter's Guide Deluxe Edition                                                   $19.95
I do like Osprey's attempts to move into gaming and non-traditional wargaming subjects. 

Paizo Publishing
Pathfinder Adventure Path: Wrath Of The Righteous Part 2 - Sword Of Valor  $22.99
Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Mythic Realms                                                    $19.99
Pathfinder Campaign Cards:Wardens Of The Reborn Forge                             $10.99
Pathfinder Flip-mat: Speedy Tavern                                                                 $13.99
Pathfinder Pawns: Reign Of Winter Adventure Path Pawn Collection                $19.99
Carboard stand-ups?  I usually just list the Pathfinder stuff without paying much attention, but 100 stand-ups for twenty bucks isn't as outrageous as the other things I was complaining about.
Pathfinder Player Companion: Mythic Origins                                                   $12.99

Pelgrane Press
Gumshoe: Ashen Stars - The Justice Trade                                                       $16.95
Gumshoe: Trail of Cthulhu - The Final Revelation                                              $22.95

Spartan Games
Another series of heart palpitations for those stores that stock Dystopian Legions, Dystopian Wars, and Firestorm Armada.  It's the first time I've seen the actual tanks for Legions (Ironclads) and would love a size comparison to justify the $67.50 price tank.  They are pretty sweet, however.
(EDIT: I found some pics, and they are indeed HUGE!  Work won't let me go to the Spartan Games website, so I'll set up a Gnome-centric review of them when I get home.)

Steve Jackson Games
Munchkin Pathfinder                                                                                     $24.95
Munchkin Tricky Treats Booster                                                                    $ 4.95

Wizard of the Coast
D&D Premium 3.5 Edition - Magic Item Compendium                                  $49.95
Is this one of the 3.5 books with a limited initial run.  Can one not just go over to eBay and snag one up cheap?  As usual, I'm confused.

Magic the Gathering CCG Deck Builders Took Kit 2014                              $19.99

Hello Kitty Shuffling the Deck Card Game                                                      $9.99
Family friendly, Hello Kitty.  Probably a big win at such a cheap price.

The Hobbit - Journey to the Lonely Mountain Strategy Game                        $49.99
Marvel Heroclix - Wolverine and the X-Men
Pathfinder: White Dragon Evolution Boxed Set                                              $39.99
Trains and Stations Strategy Game                                                                     ?
After all the other train games, plus the Ticket to Ride series, this is what Wizkids wants to go into.  Again, color me confused.

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