Saturday, July 27, 2013

(Kickstarter) RAFM Call of Cthulhu Miniatures Redux

Disclaimer:  I know this fundraiser isn't on Kickstarter, it's on, which is a similar platform, but between the page format and the eye candy, it's murder on my mobile device. With a aged laptop and a dated copy of IE, it looks much better.

Silver Fox Productions, the company that currently owns the royal and ancient RAFM line, is retooling their Call of Cthulhu line. CoC is still #3 in sales for RAFM, but in order to release more than a handful a minis a year, online fundraising could produce all of the minis in just one year!

The concept they've come up with is a little light up, but spirals to a properly crazy level if there's enough support.  The main pledge levels are $50 for 5 investigators, $50 for 3 monsters, or $100 for both (each pledge level also requires $20 for S&H.)   As the stretch goals are achieved, more figures are added to the totals, so if they reach the ultimate target of $200,000, you would get 85 minis for $100 (+$20).

With two weeks left, they've reached their initial goal and even unlocked the 6th investigator...  But then I read further and there's a $60 Investigator level that includes the six figures, any additional stretch goals, PLUS a $40 credit towards existing RAFM CoC stock... and only $15 S&H!  Then there are perks mentioned that I can't find but the company updates say they're on the base pledges. C'mon Silver Fox, I can even read Canadian English and this doesn't make sense, eh?

I'm not big on Mythos creatures in metal, save a nice Innsmouth Raid set of Deep Ones, so a crack at some pulp style minis cheap means I need to keep an eye on this.

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