Friday, August 16, 2013

Eureka's New Teddy Bears and Toy Soldiers

GenCon is here!  Thousands of sweaty gamers pouring into Indianapolis to chuck dice, eat Cheetos, and, if the gods are mericful, perform at least routine personal.  A shout out to Jesse, who already survived a game against the current and a former Munchkin World Champion.  And good luck to Phil, who got a slot in the Cthulhu Masters tournament.  Avoid dynamite at all costs!!!

While everyone else is looking towards Indiana for gaming news, the most exciting news for me came from Australia, specifically Eureka Miniatures' newsletter (Thanks to Mike Lung for forwarding it to me!).

New products for the Roman Teddy Bear/Toytown War I know everyone is itching to fight (all are 25mm):

The Roman Teddy Bear Chariot, All hail, Ben Fur!

$15.55 US  - $17.00AU
Mike Broadbent has also sculpted firing poses for the Toytown Toy Soldiers

The Toy Soldiers with helmet are also available with a firing pose.  Figures are $2.70US/$2.95AU each.

Also a shout out to Grimsby Wargaming for a nice AAR for Sheffield Triples in the UK.  I've stolen their pics of a game using the Eureka ToyTown figs played with Hordes of the Things for rules.

Love the Steer From The Cute, the Bad, and the Cuddly
Teddy Bear Romans
Toy Town Soldiers

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