Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I, For One, Welcome Our New Door Overlords

Sunday was our CoC game, and in keeping with the worst kept secret on the blog, we advanced the plot to 1925 and started with a telegram from our good friend, Jackson Elias.

Masks of Nyarlahotep has begun, thank you Jesus.  

Masks is an epic campaign, but for the Keeper there's an epic amount of bookkeeping to handle.  Despite my previous experience as a player, dozens of readings, tons of hours analyzing how to integrate this onto my campaign, there are so many angles and options, that I could barely hold on, much less enjoy the ride.  Throw in the Masks Companion and I had a case of gaming TMI.     

The good news the group only suffered one bout of insanity at Elias' hotel.  Bad news was it was initiated by yet another death of one of Aaron's characters.  This time he simply met his match with an African cultist with a big ass knife to sever his hands.  

For a biased first hand account of how yet another NYC door kicked everyone's ass, check out Josh's take here.

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