Sunday, September 22, 2013

Motivation and Availability

We got ANOTHER puppy on Friday.  I know everyone else loves to post the required pic of their lovable scamp on the blog, but I'm so sleep deprived that between dogs, kids, and weekend overtime, I'm pondering asking Michael Vick for advice.  

Okay, it's not that bad, but as I slowly got ready this morning for the last gaming day in awhile, I had to wonder (a) when I'm going to get anything done for the cons in November and (b) if I'm going to see any blogging time, much less gaming time for the remainder of 2014.

Those first couple of lines I cobbled together this morning, and like most days at the Casa de Viscount, I rarely get to finish a coherent thought.  But I have returned from another Cthulhu game day with a smile on my face.  This time we only had the "core four" who have played since session #2 and still retain their original avatar characters.   While four or five characters plus a keeper, feels optimal, three plus a keeper is an intimate feel that allows for wild goose chases without ruining the fun for others. Needless to say, the group made some progress for the larger team, even if two of them needed hospitalization. The best part is that I managed a quick recap for the other players on our Facebook Cthulhu Message thread and immediately copied it to here, so while episodes #19, 20, and 21 are the normal slow as molasses, #22 is already halfway there. 

On the work front, I'm trying to cozy up the joint I'll be seeing far more than my actual home over the next few months.  The latest addition is the original concept art for Squirrelly from KoDT.

I snagged this up as a freebie from a Kenzerco holiday grab bag many moons ago when I still played Hackmaster 4th.  Drool, fanboys, drool!

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