Thursday, October 3, 2013

2013 Gaming Year in Review

Saturday was a good day.  The obligatory trip down to the Bloomsburg Fair for fried food on a stick and structurally questionable carnival rides for  the kids.  I even got some laundry done for this upcoming hell week at work so I'll be able to rush in for work early AND wear matching socks!

This week also ended my "gaming season."  As I've mentioned before, I don't remember the thinking behind it, but I track my games on a Oct-Sep basis.
Here goes my recollections...

The Blog
Despite the last month becoming a disaster to blog, I kept up the same hectic pace as the last year.  Here's the big posts of the year, by views:

  1. Cold Wars 2013 --Friday
  2. 500th Post!
  3. Battle at the Farm
  4. Attack of the 50-Foot Princess!
  5. RIP: Nick Yutko
  6. Pop's Culture Shoppe, Wellsboro, Pennsylvania
  7. (TIARA) Belle's Birthday Brawl
  8. (Twelve Days) #10 Zombie Cakes for Fun and Profit
  9. (Twelve Days) #4 Comics and Comments
  10. Mepacon, I will be in you soon!
Lots of kind comments, a few spam from Samoan hotels, and fewer gnomes hit the posts, but the biggest addition I've done is adding reviews, primarily stores, from my own utopian, yet utilitarian retail beliefs.  The lessons I've learned working in stores during the Great Magic Glut  of the 90's still rings true today.  It saddens me to find stores still cling to the "owners, partners, & buddies" model that never attempts to expand from a shrinking base.  My first game store review for Pop's Culture Shoppe in Wellsboro is still the standard by which other stores are measured, and all found lacking.  I hope to do a follow up in mid-October when the Missus and I go up there for an anniversary day trip. 

RIP Nick Yutko - the biggest news of the past twelve months was the sudden passing of Dreamscape Comics owner Nick Yutko.  I've managed to go down to the store a few times since, most notably to pick up a copy of ASL for Hoyce's bachelor party, but I haven't gotten updates on the stores closing in months and real life overrides any attempts to relive my awesome past of ringing up sales for comic book geeks.

Podcasts:  I finally started entering the 21st century by following some podcasts, most notably Cthulhu on Parade and The Miskatonic University Podcast.  Lovecraftian gaming and its distinct lack of heavy rules and cumbersome charts makes it easier to enjoy a general discussion, rather than a war gaming or D&D site.

Gnome Wars:  Not as prevalent as last year, but the misplacement of all of my Swiss units has dampened spirits to play.    Cold Wars was still a hoot, the 2nd Annual Gnome Mega-Game was a success, and I earned the nickname "Crazylegs" Jacobson, vanquisher of Canadians, from the Gnome Joust.

Call of Cthulhu -  The year 1924 took longer in real time than game time, but we have gotten past that and two sessions in since a telegram from our good friend Jackson Elias sent them down a treacherous path.  I'm pleased, even with my recent bloodlust in the past five months (five deaths and some significant best downs of investigators.

Formula De - After years of wanting to, I got to learn Formula De at Mepacon and played some more at Hoyce's bachelor party.  Good stuff

Risus - A change in the annual Labor Day picnic reduced our guests, thus, for the first time since 2007, no Risus IOU game was run. I may attempt something at SATLOF.

TIARA - My toddler minis/rpg game had some good sessions with the girls, especially with some new eBay villains, but real life has caught up with me, right when it's perfect for my two year old, Millie. 

Trench Wars - got to play this at Cold Wars and its great for large Weatern Front games. I'll probably stick with CLA for my games, thanks.

Conventions:  I only got out to two local Mepacons and Cold Wars last year.  Funds and time did not work out for anything else.  I did have a great overfilled Toon game at the last Mepacon, expanding on the "Cthulhu Comes to Springfield" game. 

Purchases:  My purchases this year were all over the place. eBay has been a blessing and a bane.  I picked up a pile of random minis cheap.  I have a few Warhammer goblin units to use as primitive Martians, some misc sci-fi stuff. a UNE fast attack vehichle, and an excellent start to my Samoa game.

Best Game: 
Attack of the 50-foot Princess - Kids' toys, my green army guys, and an 18-in ch Snow White rampaging through a town?  I should probably tweak that into a con game.

Best RPG Purchase:
Masks of  Nylarahotep Companion
My eBay RPG stuff has been pretty lame, so I'll nominate this 600 page gorilla that's just a free preview pdf! As if Masks isn't big enough, this tries to flesh out everything.  I have used a few items, such as weather conditions and their good friend's library, but this far it's still a lot of fluff. 

Best Miniatures:
My Samoans.  I love the Pulp Figures sculpts. I need more, but the figures are rather clean and sturdy.

Best Misc Purchase:
The ATKM 54mm Barn I snagged at Cold Wars is one of two painting projects I finished this year (the other was some 25mm palm trees.). It also displayed prominently in two games I posted. 

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