Saturday, October 5, 2013

(Kickstarter) Reaper Bones II

I knew it was coming, but I never realized that it was already ongoing.  Of course, I'm referencing the newest Kickstarter from Reaper:  Bones II - The Grab for More Cash, errr, I mean  "The Return of Mister Bones".

With the resounding success of the first one, why not do some more crowdsourcing to further expand the line?  But after the voluminous glut of minis the first one produced, does anybody really want, much less need more minis?

Reaper started with the same formula:  Start with a small batch (30) for $100 and as stretch goals are met, more figures are added to the core promotion, as well as inexpensive add-on packs.  With a obtainable starting goal of $30,000, at least the 30 core figures would be added to the line, and they could try again during a Bones III.

With 21 days left, the Kickstarter has only reached $1.3 million, and the $100 core package will net you 125 figs.

Not too shabby, Reaper. Not. Too. Shabby.

I have the same issues I had with the first one. Yes, it's a phenomenal value, but I have no use for most of the stuff and I don't like the sculpts.

The only thing that might net them a $1 pledge and be eligible for add ons are the mouslings:

I love the princess mouse and the Robin Hood-esque fellows in the center.  I don't need Samurai Mice, but for the money , I can handle a glut of a few figures.

Check out their Kickstarter page, for more information.

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