Monday, February 17, 2014

I Have Returned!

My week long cruise to the Bahamas with the familia has concluded and I am back to at least 20 inches of new snow to shovel.

My reading list I brought with me almost got finished (I'll stand by my stats of 2 out of 3 books is better than the actual page count.). There will be reviews of the books on another post. 

I never even got the chance to plug in the podcasts I downloaded, although I did put together a side project on a sea day, again future blog post. 

Outside of seeing some dude with Settlers of Catan going through security the only gaming I got done was some Fluxx with the wife on our double balcony while leaving Freeport.  

The only other thing of note was the appearance of the HMBS Nassau at King George Wharf.  We're used to seeing the HMBS Bahamas there the last two years, so this one was an added bonus.

Back to the grind!

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