Tuesday, February 11, 2014

(Samoa) Mata'afan Elite Guards

Today's finished unit is the one that is entirely fictional, but inspired by true events, the Mata'afan Elite Guard (hereafter mentioned as MEG).

One of the pictures I pulled up was a small formation of Samoans in smart dark uniforms with a single shot rifles and wearing turbans a la the Sikhs.  Date and western power that armed and trained them varied from site to site, but evidence suggested a decade before during the first Samoan crisis.    I took some liberties and here's the rebels answer to an elite unit for the board.

The MEG were a German trained unit loyal to the King during the First Samoan Civil War.  When peace was obtained, weapons and equipment were stowed away in their homes, but pieces, if not the entire uniform, were used in day to day living.  

When the Second Samoan Civil War broke out, they decided to pledge loyalty to the German-backed Mata'afa and cobbled together their uniforms with varying success.  These are not the Askaris of legend in Southeast Africa, rather an older, slightly experienced group who's aware of what it takes to fight the Europeans... and have tailored their uniforms to varying degrees for use in the tropical paradise.

Tactical 4 - Morale 4.   No specials. 

For the figures I used some Great War Nigerians from Brigade Games.  Apparently they're not a correct sculpt for the actual unit, so I might as well steal them for Samoa!  The eyes are getting a bit better and the only gripe that I have (a white line at the cuff of the shorts makes them more suitable for the basketball court than the battlefield) was something I could accept before I started paiting.

(L to R) Brigade Games, Old Glory, Pulp Figures
40 down - 72 to go.....

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