Sunday, March 30, 2014

Gnome Wars at Spring Fever '14

It looks like there will be a Gnome Wars at Spring Fever '14, April 11-12th at the Highwoods Ave Holiday in Raleigh, NC. 

Title: Gnome Wars

GameMaster: Brian Robinette
Description: The Kaiser and the Jagermeisters are preparing to deploy yet another notsosecret weapon in an effort to bring the war to a rapid conclusion. Can the Allies stop the Hun’s evil plans in time? Parent/child teams are encouraged. Troops provided, but feel free to bring your own 320 point unit.
Maximum Number of Players: 10  Ruleset: Gnome Wars from  Brigade Games  Scale: 28mm  Genre: WW1ish

Brian's also co-GMing an Old West game and a Savage Worlds game set in Medieval Spain.  If you're anywhere near Raleigh, take a drive there and have a hoot!   Spring Fever '14

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