Monday, May 5, 2014

Free Comic Book Day 2014

The first weekend in May is here, thus Free Comic Book Day is upon us!

With my going down to Philly for the day with friends, I had full responsibility of the whirlwinds known as Maja and Millie.   After a trip to "The Breakfast Place" (a diner attached to a gas station where I always take the kids for breakfast.  Trust me, it's much nicer than it sounds.), we gassed up, got stuck in traffic on I-81 for an hour, and I got a much-needed hair cut, but we finally made it to our surprise destination, Rubber Mallet Comics

Rubber Mallet Comics is a tiny, tiny shop (I've literally had larger holes in a wall than they're total shop area), but they really know how to take advantage of Free Comic Book Day.  The day starts with shop staff and patrons galore dressing up in costume and participating in the West Pittston Cherry Blossom Festival Parade in the morning.  They did have a comic book artist for signings, a huge pile of stuff on sale, and more important for a Dad on a budget, piles upon piles of free comics for the kids (limit 3 per person before 3pm).   Millie grabbed an Archie, Maja an Uncle Scrooge from the outside "free" display, and we ventured into the packed store. 

The girls were excellent, so I could browse and picked up some stuff, which we all know, the whole purpose of Free Comic Book Day is to help out sales.  I got the latest Walking Dead, the girls My Little Pony and Scooby, and out of the 3/$10 graphic novel box I snagged Best of Showcase Supergirl (God, the first four stories are incredibly sexist, even to my dulled sensibilities, but then it kicks back to 50's/early 60's sensibilities), as well as Book 2 and 3 from the Bones: Legends Trilogy.

I'm happy to support Rubber Mallet, but they're just too far away for even monthly patronage.  They're 25 miles away from the house, and the drive time US 11 makes the drive just as long as the one to Comics on the Green in downtown Scranton.  Still, my wife can't be mad at them for taking up all my time and spending money, although they are partially responsible for the putting up the flyer on their that I barely caught out of the corner of my eye that said "New Gaming Store in Wilkes-Barre."  But that, my friends is for another day.

Coming Soon:  A Review of Emerald Vale Games

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