Thursday, May 29, 2014

Kriget rum Viscount Eric

As I post this, all the paperwork will have been signed and everything has been transferred.  After weeks of sheer mental instability, the ViscountEric family will have a new house.

It's right off the highway, making us ten minutes closer to everything.  There's a living room PLUS a family room.  There's a basement that's dry and relatively bright and clean.  And for my wife and I, we'll reintroduce the concept of the home office, as four bedrooms give us an extra one for my wife's home health work, my blogging, and best of all, a safe place for a new desktop. 

I won't go into details of this whole process, as no matter what I mention, current home owners will simply nod in agreement, while renters will go "It doesn't sound that bad..."

We currently have one of those PODS sitting in the driveway of our current house, which we have been feverishly filling with stuff for the past week.  It takes awhile to coordinate a pickup or transfer to a different site, but we're still saving money versus the old U-Haul/bunch of friends approach.

The remainder of the week will be a flurry of painting of the girl's separate (woo-hoo!) bedrooms, a LOT of boxes carried around, a full day using a floor sander, and if we can get the new mattresses in quick enough, and evening of painting in my new gaming table.  Sure, it's in the basement, but outside of a huge crawlspace for storage, the rest of the basement is all mine, a Kriget rum Viscount Eric (Viscount Eric's War Room).

An Older Suburban Home Will Now Host the Ruler of the Universe....My Wife

Now THAT's a deck

A little cleanup with the electrical and my paint station is complete!
I anticipate a slow transition back into the hobbies I love, intermixed with the seventeen million "Honey-Do"  projects.   With shelving and some new tables down, I'll have a single location for my wargaming stuff (the RPG books belong in the office).  Plus, with a new mortgage, I won't have any funds to go anywhere, so I might as well paint and game at home! 

Edit:  My wife did provide with a little gift to thank me for tolerating her bouts of mania this past month.   It's proudly displayed on our mantle, as well as my daughter's first "cool rock" she found on the property.

Gnome Sweet Home

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