Monday, May 12, 2014

The Black Man

It was great weekend for the family.  Of course Mothers Day went off without a hitch and the kids managed to get a tan over the first decent weekend of the year.   Couple of things:

The guys over at Emerald Vale pulled through and I snagged a my copy of Canis Mysterious without a hitch.  Still, trying to figure out the format of the review, it's a peculiar little product.  They also got some Ticket to Ride in, so Fathers Day might be easier for my wife. 

Took Maja and Millie to see Legends of Oz.  Between that movie and Oz : Great and Powerful playing in the house last night, I'll also have a some updates to another post I made long ago.  Maybe I'll even tackle a popular children's movie, or perhaps I should just it go...

Over this past week, I've overheard a few odd conversations with the girls.  Instead of their normal "Let's pretend," with princesses, ponies, and babies, they kept talking about "The Black Man" in hushed tones.  Since we live in a rather pale community, yet I don't remember my wife or I discussing anyone with that phrase, I was confused.  Further talks with girls netted a little more disturbing info:  The Black Man lives in a secret room under their bedroom and some nights they go there after everyone falls asleep.

Between the facts that we personally know every male figure they deal with (yes, yes I know the stats, I'm still confident of my statement) and their stories are filled with gleeful giggles, I've come to these two conclusions.

1. They've learned about telling scary "campfire" stories from some of the older kids at daycare, and this is their imaginative, giggling attempt to scare themselves.

2.  They've made contact with Nyarlathotep.  Guess I should stop reading Masks at bedtime.

At least it wasn't Y'golonac.

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