Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Mike Lung Gallery #24: The Adventures of Stan and Sally

I daresay, it's been months since I've had a Mike Lung update!  Mike's trying to balance crazy life and numerous projects, although his latest needed to be reposted immediately.

The latest fascination is with Two Hour Wargames'  All Things Zombie - Final Fade Out.  The figures are not metal or even Bones plastic, but they do the job admirably.

The Adventures of Stan and Sally

Stan and Sally on the morning of their big adventure

Stan and Sally get out of their broken down car.  Why are those people acting so strangely?

There's a lot of them.  Something is really wrong with them!

Watch out Sally!  Don't let it bite you!

I can't believe you just killed him!  There are so many more.  Run!

Maybe we'll be safe in that store.

They are following us!  Quick grab those tools as weapons!

Help me Stan!... There are too many... No! No! Noooo!  Ahhhh!!

Aahh!  Let me out of here!  Mmrhh! Chomp! Rip! Slurp!


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