Tuesday, June 10, 2014

(Nostalgia) Historicon 2008 Pics

It may not be Throwback Thursday like the kids on Facebook do, but I found a pile of pics from the old laptop, before we transition to the  new home computer. I don't recall posting these after the fact (I started the blog in the Fall of '09), so here goes...

The Dreadnought game I played Thursday night

The Last Tanga game run before I became a full convert

Death Star Trench

D Day

Some Snazzy Flames of War Terrain

28mm Tanks

And some air support

Against the evil do'ers

A cat game (?)


Snowball Fight!


The Midnight Massacre game

My command:  I had a LOT of letters to write to their mothers

Prepared to take the hill...

It was almost mutual annihilation, but my attack let a large cavalry column get near the fort unmolested.

FoW Rule:  Don't Shoot the Cows

Gnome Wars Tanga

The Sikhs land
Amusing side story.  If I hadn't gone to Historicon, the next option was going to the bachelor party of a friend of ours.  Three o'clock in the morning, my wife gets a call and thinks that it's the Lancaster cops calling to explain how I didn't make in across 30 to The Continental.   Here it's the wife of one of the guys crying histerically that her husband had knocked somebody out at the bachelor party and the whole group was running from the cops.   When I stumbled back from the Midnight Massacre at four in the morning, my wife wasn't all too happy, but she was grateful my silly hobby kept me out of bars (save the Lancaster Host).

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