Friday, July 18, 2014

Gnomish Wanderlust

In the world of Gnome Wars, there are simply different nationalities, with different strengths and weaknesses.  Outside of a tiny bit of flavor text under a nationality's section, very little is described about their history, political motivations, etc.   I think this was originally done to (a) save space in the book and (b) allow for some freedom to play.  However, as more nationalities came out, some common questions kept getting asked:

How did this nationality come to be?

How do they normally react to the other nationalities and vice/versa?

Whether you wish to play a detailed "Modern" campaign, write a fleshed out history of the race, or even ponder an "ancients" game of Gnomans vs. Celts (Irish), I've used The Wanderlust as an explanation for all things gnome.  Heck, I use this to justify any and all other creatures on my personal gnome world (teddy bears, frogs, mice) that may not be official Brigade Games/Gnome at Wars figures.


There were gnomes.

They were cute lovable woodland creatures who lived in quaint homes and frolicked with the animals.

But like all creatures granted with intelligence, the gnomes eventually learned and began working with nature than working within.

Even the Swiss, who closely resemble the primitive gnomes of antiquity, focused on cheese making, mining, iron working, and tinkering. 

The Wanderlust
From time immemorial, gnomes have gone through a cycle of behavior modern gnome psychologists have only called The Wanderlust. Gnomes by nature are a very community driven, yet insular race. Many times gnomes will not regularly deal with a neighboring tribe or village unless it involves trade, festivals, or some dire need.

Every generation of so, The Wanderlust, a strange desire to go off and see the world, affects a certain percentage of gnomes. They will drop what they're doing to travel out of the cozy confines of the village,whether by foot, water, or air. However, the further the gnomes travel, the more likely they will find a comfy spot and settle down for a bit.

The Return: 
After an undetermined period of time, some of The Wanderlust gnomes will be affected by the reverse phenomenon, The Return. Gnomes attempt to return to their home villages as fast as they can Upon their return, many tell of horrible stories of what is beyond the safety of the gnome village. Even for those who tell of positive experiences, those are misunderstood and added to the legends.

The Prison: 
The after effect of the Return has been dubbed The Prison. With all the strange tales and anxiety over the outside world, gnome elders, led by the wizards, effectively shut off all communication with other communities. This crackdown would go on for another undetermined period of time, usually a half a generation. By then, gnomes of average levels of curiosity have built up the courage to explore again and meet the old friends and trading partners. The distant lands, however would be forgotten a few years later, the cycle begins a new. It is unsure as to how many generations of gnomes went through this.

To see this in action, check my History of the British Gnomes.

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