Tuesday, July 29, 2014

(Hackmaster) Burning Trogs Rule! #7: Reunions at Califon

23rd of Nondec 1132

Upon reaching Cailfon, Ceclia immeditately inquired the fate of her friends, and got a confirmation from a preganant woman named Nina. She claimed Mutumbo and his friends had travelled north (actually west) to find riches and should be back shortly.

Cecelia stayed with Nina while waiting to confirm the party's survival.

1st of Decdec 1132
To liven up the waiting game, Cecelia invited a few locals, plus a few barwenches, and threw a baby shower for Nina. Right in the mix of estrogen maximizing stories and cute bibs, the Burning Trogs finally arrived from Frandor's Keep. Cecelia and Mutumbo moved the party to the local tavern and caught up. Mutumbo admitted he was still more amazed by his first snowfall than the wacky adventures Cecelia had been through. Cecelia was sad to hear of the old group's demise, but Mutumbo vouched for his new comrades.

2nd of Decdec 1132
The next morning, Califon was aflutter with activity. A parade marched through town, and there were games, merchants, and other activities everywhere. Copious amounts of alcohol were imbibed.

3rd of Decdec 1132
The Trogs (plus Cecelia) had difficulty waking up in the morning and, in the midst of a much-needed hearty breakfast, were easy prey for the annual tax collection. "It was then that I realized why everyone was selling everything and leaving town." Drinking that night in the tavern, Cecelia offered her home in Celsior as a winter base of operations for the Trogs.

Zorin also ran into an old friend from his time as a soldier in the Gnomish City-States. "Whitey" couldn't be a more appropo name for any halfling. An albino halfling born under a bad sign, most people would look at Whitey's missing fingers and toes, nervous tics, and stutters, and frightenly active narcolepsy and chalk him up as a worthless cripple. Yet he overcame most of his disadvantages and became an accomplish mess cook and a pious warrior in his own regard. Cecelia quickly learned that despite his obvious hatred for anything remotely human, Zorin was loyal to a fault and the other Trogs knew word was more valuable than any magic or treasure in the realm. Whitey became a Trog that night. Cecelia would have to wait...

As they staggered back from the tavern that night, a small flaming object fell from the sky towards the western horizon, a bad omen for their ride the following morning back to Celsior.

GM Notes:  With Cecelia's player in possession of the party journal while he was taking night classes, the early exploits of The Burning Trogs are but distant decade-old memories.  "Whitey's" first appearance probably run similar to what was described, although his first mention was on the road back to Celsior the following night.

Whitey was Hoyce's (Zorin Redrock) first attempt at a character.  He was god-awful, as Hoyce started with 5 rolls on the disadvantage table and kept rolling the "Roll Again and Once More From Table X" results.  I need to find a copy of character sheet, but I assure you, it was so awful that I forbid him from playing him.  Hoyce's next character just happened to be the remarkable rolls of Zorin Redrock.  Whitey was not forgotten, because as soon as Zorin qualified for a sidekick, a certain deformed albino halfling and lifelong friend made his appearance.

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