Thursday, July 3, 2014

Why Dontcha Cut Off My Arms and Legs With a Chainsaw?

It's a never-ending battle here at the Estate de Viscount Eric.  Dogs are chewing apart gates, children are going to bed later and later, and a mother-in-law preparing to move has made my week glorious!  As part of the move, we grabbed a futon from her house to use in ours.  Not to bore anyone with details, but when moving the ridiculously heavy futon cushion, I dropped an entire ever heavier bookcase onto my left foot.  Sorry, no pictures, but it's a bloody and swollen mess, so my usual reprieves from family life (yard work and dog walk) are put on hold.

While I stumble around the house like Igor, there are some silver linings.  Drunk History has returned to Comedy Central, and I absolutely adore the actors staying in character yet speaking the lines of the drunk comedians.  It must be something from my "If you say it, your character says it," days of DMing.

And Weird Al is the greatest Hitler EVER!   I guess that's not surprsing, as the cover of his upcoming album, Mandatory Fun, has him dressed like this:

Painting is moving along nicely as well.  Sure, I only have one of my secret project figures done, and I did spill half a pot of Citadel Copper from 1999, but it's relaxing and enjoyable, and that's all that matters.   My background noise for painting has been the latest episode of the Miskatonic University Podcast as well as an epic four hour actual play of yet another convoluted episode of Masks.

And finally my character was accepted for the playtest of the new Delta Green rules I'll be at this Saturday.  Can't speak anything more about it, but when I can, I assure you the details will be marvel-ous.

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