Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Poll Results are in! (August 2014)

Last month I set up a poll to help me determine who November con to attend and what game to run. 

Of the small group of people who did vote (thank you!) the overwhelming majority wanted me to (a) attend Fall-In! and (b) run an early Great War (1914) game involving a village. 

And that's exactly what I'm NOT doing!

My wife's work schedule makes a weekend in Lancaster, with or without the family, a logistical nightmare.

So, looking down at the Mepacon votes, it looks as if I can run my Attack of the Fifty Foot Princess as an afternoon kids game with one other potential games.  Lost City?  Toon?  Ponies using 5e?  I really don't know.

I went down to the FLGS to hang out and possibly play some Magic.  While I spent most of the time sizing up the other players and figuring out which ones weren't db's (hint: it's not decibels) I did peruse the new 5e Player's Handbook.  Unlike the starter kit, I get a toned down 4th Edition vibe from it and the lackluster artwork makes me long for the days of 2nd Edition Elmore art on every other page.   Ponies would still work, but if I need to convert that much material for my Lost City of Kadath or "Home" games, I'm better off building the social  and  skill engines off of Basic D&D/1st Edition.

Heck, if the Labor Day game goes right, I just may copy that into a RISUS-IOU evening game.  That should cover three hours or so.

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