Saturday, August 16, 2014

War is Declared!

August, 1914
In response to the assassination of Crown Prince Otto von Buckvitz, the Duchy of Oesterria and the Kingdom of Germany at large has declared war on the Kingdom of Surfia. 

In the official statement from the German Foreign Ministry, the declaration of war was essential to "safeguard Germany's rights and position within the world theatre."  The death of the Crown Prince on foreign soil and the nation's inattentiveness to the crisis, as well as no arrests made in crime, has prompted the Germans to launch a punitive campaign against the Surfians. 

Surfian leaders attempted to apologize again for the heinous act which occurred on their soil, as well as the apparent lack of investigation, but the little hard evidence has been uncovered.  All the while, Surfia pledged to defend her borders against all threats, and pleaded with the other world powers to aid her in this endeavour.

The German army is regarded as the largest and most technologically advanced army in the world.  Beyond their well-disciplined infantry and cavalry corps, the Germans have experimental military aircraft and mechanical cavalry in development.

In comparison, the Surfian army is very small, heavily supported by local armed militias.  The militias have been know to be supported by roving bands of poorly armed peasant mobs. 

The International Response has been varied:

Swiss:  The Swiss have pledged their support of the Surfian gnomes, although no details to the extend of this support have been made.    The Swiss most recently had a disastrous campaign against Germany in the Wishing Well War of 1909-1910, which resulted in German annexation of the Holy Shrine of Chucaquatre.

French:  No response, although most anticipate their snarky form letter missive with no doubt provoke the Germans.

Russia:  The Russians treat the Surfians as a big brother would a younger sibling.   This would be the first military action the fractured Russians would be fighting since the ill-advised Russo-Japanese War.  Russian officers are still picking rice out of their uniforms from that.

Holy Gnoman Empire:  The Holy Gnoman Empire sends his condolences and demands that hostilities end even before they begin, less the might of the Gnoman Legion come down on all parties.

British:  The British pledge neutrality in the matter, although they have a number of trade agreements with all parties. 

Highlanders:  Rumors of Highlander Mercenaries heading to ports to fight for any side that pays best have been confirmed.

Sikhs:  Sikhs are enemies of both the Germans and the Surfians.  However, alliances with the Swiss may come into play.

United States-  The Union of American Gnomes pledges full neutrality in this foreign matter.

Confederate States - The Southern Gnomes declare their support of the weaker Surfians against their oversized industrialized oppressor.  Little support can be provided, although CSA warships have been spotted leaving Charleston harbor to points unknown.

Republic of Texas - "Where's Surfia" was the only response provided by Secretary of State Waldo Emerson.

Deseret - "The Mormon Theocracy wishes a curse on all houses involved in this heretical war."

The Imperial Republic of California - "Can't we all just get along?"

Republic of Columbia - "Too busy hunting caribou to care"

Canada - "As Britain goes, so do the Canadians"

Quebec - "As France goes, we do as well, mes armies"

Nova Scotland - "Who can we fight on North American soil?"

Irish - The Irish leaders have been too drunk for comment.  They did assist the Swiss in a mercenary capacity during the Wishing Well War and actually hijacked a train to escape the war zone.

Japan - The Emperor of Japan has pledged full support to the Kaiser of Germany.  What this means for such a faraway nation has not yet been determined.

Please add the reaction of any nationalities/groups that I missed in the comments below.

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