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(Hackmaster) Burning Trogs Rule! #17: The Feast of Dame Silver

13th of Duodec,  1134, Windyvale, Estate of Dame Silver, outside of Linnard, Marakeikos.
After nearly setting the countryside ablaze to fight off an ambush, and getting chastised the local druids, the Trogs finally put out the last of the hot spots from the fire.  Gwen cast Plant Growth on some of the scorched areas to promote growth.  burned areas.  Marek was still unforgiving about casting all the fire spells.

Finally, they reached Windyvale, the palatial estate of Dame Silver.  She met them at the door, a tall, graceful, well dressed, middle-aged woman.

Seeing the party in their condition, Dame Silver offered to draw baths.  She allowed the group two rooms and dispatched a bevy of servants to help them settle in.

Gwen: "Monk will sleep in room with snooty mage, I will share room with Cecelia.  We all had our own baths."

Everyone was quite impressed with the estate. The grounds were simply "HUGE".  The salon was completely filled with guest, but everyone had arrived yet!  Most of the guests were human, with one notable dwarf.

The Guests of Dame Silver, Per Gwen's Notes (M=Male F=Female)
M - Bernaldo Branos - paladin - ornamental field plate, Order of the Gryphon
M - Hammish of Daiscel - sage - "I don't know what I'm doing here..."
F - "Burly" Katrina - renowned fighter - local hero.
M - Randallon the Neat - mage, pencil-thin wiry moustache.  Likes sweets.
M - Thaddeus - hot guy, merchant.
M - Darrish of Linnard - excellency - Bishop in the Church of Marakeikos.
M - Bruthus Bedenson - Merchant Prince of Hysplathia - well to do.
F - Black Kerri - talks to herself a lot - alchemist.
M - Jack Knob - Dwarf - Makes safes for rich people.  locksmith to the stars.
M - Ariahad DeTuris - noble - 8th in line for Throne of Barthey.  suave guy.
M - Mitgan - artist, hippyish, paints, sculpts, all artistic mediums.
M - Joseph of the Light - priest of Apotheosis- emerged from the wilds of Marakeikos.  Rumored to be touched by the gods, was uninvited.  Everyone scared of him.  Avoids Thaddeus and Brother Thomas.
M - Ko - monk.  wants to kick butt of Brother Thomas - one of the monks - Never attends anything, until now!

The Trogs learned about the Feast of Erinborg, the reason for the celebration. - Erinborg was a missionary who helped unite the Traldar tribes under the banner of the Church of Marakeikos.   Now, it's yet another holiday feast.  They were advised the church services will occur each day that attendance was mandatory.

14th of Duodec, 1134 - Windyvale
Everyone attended a four hour church service in the morning.  The afternoon was open, and the evening was dedicated to dancing, a banquet, and more dancing.  The Trogs befriend one of the servant boys, a seven year old lad who cleans... the spittoons, named Cup.

Thaddeus and Ariahad spend most of the night fighting over Gwen.
Gwen:  "Boys are silly"  

Gwen danced with six different men that night, devoting much of her attentions to Mitgan, so Ariahad was consoled most of the night by Cecelia.  Black Kerri the alchemist and Marek hit it off.  Cecelia finished the night with a dance with Cup.


15th of Duodec, 1134 - Windyvale
Nobles from the Barony of Vadevinscy, a few days west, made a presentations about northern Marakeikos and their similarities which the neighboring Kingdom of Vlachia.  Gwen received flowers and poetry she did not understand.    Cecelia got her boots shined.

That afternoon, Mitgan's unveiled his latest work, a sculpture of Erinborg.  Carved on the back of the bust was a heart with M.A./G.L. in Elvish.  Mitgan admits his love for Gwen, but not to writing the poem.  Marek finally translated "poem, "  and it was not proper to repeat in mixed company.

The banquet and dancing was lit by a full moon, and powered by a drinking contest between Burly Katrina and Jack Knob the dwarf.  There was no clear-cut winner, so much so that it devolved into a team competition, where by the end of the night, everyone felt like a winner.

16th of Duodec, 1134 - Windyvale
No one felt like a winner in the morning as hangovers conquered all.   The entire is taken back to Linnard proper.  Dame Silver rented half the harbor for a mock sea battle.  Exotic seafood is served  for lunch, and the Vadevinscy nobles finally finish their story right before everyone is ready to make the trek back to Windyvale.

Ariahad DeTuris moved on to woo Dame Silver, but Bernaldo the paladin took a turn for Cecelia's affections, by teaching card games to everyone. 

The revelry is short by another mandatory three hour church service conducted by the Bishop himself.

Dinner was the same mix of of food, wine, and dancing,  with a healthy dash of acrobats.

17th of Duodec, 1134 - Windyvale
Thaddeus the merchant had arranged croquet and a game of  hide and seek in the hedge maze for the morning, followed by a tortuous four-hour church service.

Right before dinner Joseph of the Light comes barging in with a vision.
Gwen: Wrath will descend upon the foolish and the weak.  Very painful deaths for all..  He ruins dinner.  Lots of dancing under the full moon.

18th of DuoDec, 1134 - Windyvale
The last guest arrive, bringing attendance to over 200 people.

The Bishop conducted only a one hour service, with Joseph of the Light was dangling from a statue, yelling doom and gloom at the congregation.

Great feast was held outside, with lots of good food, but no dancing.

19th of DuoDec, 1134 - Windyvale
Final Day of the festival.  Gwen ran off with Mitgan for most of the day.  Dame Silver took Marek, Brother Thomas, and Cecelia aside.  She admitted that the group didn't save any niece of hers, but if they are interested, she is in dire need of their help.  They agreed for a late night rendezvous to discuss details.

Dame Silver admitted that her brother is suffering from lycanthropy and needs a special potion delivered to his location, over 1,000 miles away into the Mer Kasp to help cure him.  Money is almost no object, as she offered 5,000gp apiece   and reimbursement for the ships. Secrecy was of the utmost importance, as the shame of her brother could harrowingly reverse the family fortune.

Time to find a boat.

This session was a complete departure from the norm.   No combat, no spells, a few skill checks and a ton of character interaction.  Gwen's player was in her glory, Cecelia rolled with the punches, and the others tried to stay alive surrounded by intrigue and romance. 

After nights of love mixed with days of piety, the Trogs head off into one of the hateful and unholiest bodies of water, the Mer Kasp.

Next: #18 - Smacked by Don.

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