Tuesday, November 17, 2015

(Hackmaster) Burning Trogs Rule! #19: A Slaver's Life is NOT for Me!

When we last left our heroes, Cecelia Darkspruce, half-elf warrior priestess of Sif, Gwendalyn Lorax, naive half-elf druid, Brother Thomas, human monk with a dark streak, and Marek the Learned, human double invoker with an addiction to fire, had all been captured by slavers and put to work on their ship for three long weeks.  After a severe storm crippled the ship, they managed to waylay the surviving crew and release the other slaves. 

To escape the ship, they fashioned a raft just for the four of them, and Gwen used  her druidic powers to summon a pod of dolphins to pull the raft to the nearest human port.

Unfortunately, the nearest port was the last place they wanted to go. 

15th of TriDec, 1134: The rocky shores outside the port of Roark. 
The dolphins fulfilled their obligation by depositing the Trogs on the rock-strewn coastline outside of the town of Roark... the city of the slavers!  With their cobbled together collection of ill-fitting and
foul smelling clothing taken from the slavers and poor weaponry, they surprisingly fit right in. 

The Trogs decided to get menial jobs, scout the location, and figure out a way home.  Revenge, forthe time being, was the last thing on their minds.

17th of TriDec, 1134:  The Slaver Town of Roark, Location Unknown
Gwen: "This trip is horrible.  Why did I leave the forest?"   Everyone in town needs a bath.  There are too many guards around, and most look like they can't be trusted with their mothers lives.    Try to set up a healing business in the ruins of a building, but are chased out by the town guard.   Get jobs in horrible inn for money.  We end up trapping drunks in back alley .  Two guys show up after the attack, force us to split spoils.  We're too beat up to argue

Day is complete, can afford a room... and  a hairbrush.

18th of TriDec 1134:  Roark.
While the men try very poorly to fit in, the girls got better jobs at local taverns doing more than menial labor and earning a whole whopping silver piece each!  They hear ship captains bragging that a full slave ship can fetch 50,000 gold!

The men stumble around town and come across a temple of Ikka-Patang, god of nature/neutraility.  It looks more like a citadel than a temple.

19th of TriDec, 1134: Roark
Gwen:  Town is very slow.  Men all went out on ships - Brother Thomas and Marek went out to explore town.   Bugbears guarded the temple - Marek stole a horse and gave to someone else for free. They rough up a few drunks and terrorize a stable boy.  "What good are boys except for kissing?"

After scraping by with nothing in this den of villany, the Trogs were ready to take action.  Unfortunately, action was ready to take them first!

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