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Teddy Bears in the Land of the Gnomes

DISCLAIMER:  The following is one of a few articles I plan to write regarding placing non-Gnome Wars races into my personal campaign world.  It should not be considered official in any way.
The gnomes aren't the only sentient race on the globe.  Gnomes have interacted peacefully with sentient animal races and fairie-kind for untold generations.  

Today we cover the Teddy Bears.
Don't be confused by their cuteness and cuddliness, Teddy Bears have a militaristic streak among them that was perfect to be exploited by "visionary" gnomes.  Sure, their modern weaponry lacks in range and their artillery is less effective, but the a race that doesn't have any vital organs, save a soft, plush, heart, is difficult to put down.
The first documented relationship with Teddy Bears and Gnomes was during the Gnoman Empire. Teddy Bear Legions were formed and travelled throughout the land, doing the bidding of the Empire. Although they were considered subordinate to their gnome counterparts, they received identical training and equipment and would be expected to accomplish the same missions and tasks as ordered.

As the gnomes finally travelled, they discovered that bears were EVERYWHERE!  In America, they had already set up coastal towns and interior villages, although there were a number of primitive ones throughout the wilderness.  While some maintained their noble savagery, many adopted the customs and laws of their new gnomish overlords.   They were so loyal to the British in America, that they were eventually given a degree of self-rule over gnome and bear alike.
Teddy Bears made great explorers through the far corners of the globe.
In Africa, native bears controlled most of the southern portion of the continent.   It appears that about half the native bears joined forces with the colonizing gnomes, forming Askari units, while the others strictly held onto their culture and land.

While the British gave the majority bears self-rule over bear and gnome alike, the governors of the British colonies were only loyal to themselves, taxing the bear and gnome to high heaven and only turning over the required amount of taxes to the British.  The citizens of the American Colonies revolted, and the Ameri-Bear Revolution (or Ambearican or Seven Year's Picnic)  occurred.  With little support from the British, the ruling class teddy bears were kicked out of the country and the United States was born.  However,  gnomes who had supported yet barely participated in the war seized power from the exhausted teddy bears and established a bitter confederation of states that devolved into the American Gnome Civil War.

The Good, the Pegleg, and the Cuddly

While Teddy Bears around the world are either subservient to their masters (gnome or otherwise), in American and the Caribbean, they have have been marked with a rugged independence.  Many a Cowbear can be found, from the Texan Republic, up to Columbia and the Indian lands.  Teddy Bear pirates sail the seven seas even today, luring the innocent in with their cute looks and seizing the moment with wooden swords and cannon shot. 

Seven Years Picnic Figures (to be used for Seven Years Picnic:
12" inches movement - Move or Shoot.
Mounted officers may move 12" per turn,  12+d6-1 if charging.
Musicians and Flag Bearers:  Each Musician may roll a d8 at the beginning of the movement phase.  on a 5+, the unit may move an additional 6".  The unit may not fire in the same turn a musician's ability is used.  The Musician and Flag Bearer's effect may are not cumulative, but may be used in succession in the same turn, until a positive effect is roll.
Rifles    0-12"  3+
             12-24" 4+ 
             No shot beyond 24 inches.
Pistols   0-6"  3+
             7-12  4+
             13-18 5+
Officers d8
Troops d8
Musicians and Flag Bearer d6
Mounted Officer d10
If the majority (more than 50%)  of a unit is in base-to-base contact, they gain +2 to their morale.   
If the Flag Bearer is still alive +2
If the Musician is still alive +1  
Musician and Flag Bearer bonuses are not cumulative.  The best modifier is included.
Modern (Askari)
All rules apply, save musician/flag bearer bonuses.  12" to move, 6" to move and shoot
Plungers of Doom! - if the Zulubears are within 12" of a target and wish to charge, they may throw plungers (spears) before moving.  Roll 1 die for every two figures (round down).  4+ to hit knocks the enemy down.
d8 Combat for fall figures
Roman Bears
Honey Pot Catapult  9-24"  4+
                                25-36   5+
Everything in a 3" diameter is killed. 
Everything in a 6" diameter is covered in honey.  -6" for all movement,  -1 to melee and firing. 
Treat all Roman Bears like Gnomans, except they may not use special abilities.
Pirate Bears
All pirate bears get the benefit "no penalty for fighting/firing on  ship"
Move 12", Move and Fire 6" max
Rifles 0-12" 3+
         12-24" 4+
No shot beyond 24 inches.
Pistols 0-6" 3+
              7-12 4+
             13-18 5+
Cannon:  Max Pirate Cannon Range 36"
Pegleg -1 movement
Eyepatch - 1 firing
Parrot/Sidekick - +1 Bonus to all things
Captains  d10
First Mates d8
Pirates d8
Cannon/Ship Crew d6-1
Move: 12"  Move and Shoot 6"
Melee:  per each special.


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