Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Plan for Painting

Whether it's a random blog or personal correspondence,  I'm amazed when someone can radically change gears from the middle of one massive project and dive into a new one with nary a care in the world.  Perhaps my self imposed deadlines and needs for figures to be used in a scheduled con game curtails that.  Maybe it's my snail's pace that allows me change projects when I realize the current one is superfluous to my needs.  Regardless, with 500+ figures sorted out in my basement, and more coming in, I've got to keep myself interested in what I'm painting, both stylistically and to suit my play needs.

Here's my current list of projects, in different categories to keep my attention.

A -  Scenery (aka Those freakin' trees)
  • Tall Palm Trees, pinning and sealing 
  • Double Palms.  First batch are finished, but I just uncovered another three, plus a pile of plastic  rocks that need to be painted.
  • Necromunda terrain.
B -  Units (non gnome)
  • Askaris (East Africa and a new faction for the Pulp Game)
  • Mouslings (for secret project X)
  • Gnome Teams for the Treasure Hunt.
C - Individuals
  • Grenadier Fantasy  (There's four more to finish them off.  It's a good sized adventuring party)
  • German MG Team  (For episode five of Savage Showdown)
  • Dangerous Dames 2
  • Tramp Freighter Crew
  • More Chupacabras 
  • More random fantasy
D - Refurbish/Complete
  • Swiss Engineers
  • German Flying Monkeys
E  Battletech

This should be written in stone for the next 15 minutes or so, especially since my RAFM CoC figures are slated to ship this months *fingers triple crossed*

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