Friday, January 15, 2016

Captain Skippy, Dungeoneers, and Strange Moustached Men

While last week was a good dose of family gaming, this week the kids went to bed earlier and I visited the basement to get some painting done!  

Not much to account for, as I'm still in the midst of the tedious process of drybrushing a million palm leaves and still figuring out the detail on the Martian Spider test subjects.

While this figure made his first appearance as a base coat figure in last week's A Simple Trade, Captain Skippy McBoatswain is making a second appearance in the game, so it was fitting to finish him up.
From PSS 01 Tramp Steamer Sailors from Pulp Figures
Before my mother in law's health took center stage and eliminated any recent chance at playing in my buddy Hoyce's 2nd Edition AD&D game, I planned on painting up my character.  I now have a half dozen old Grenadier figs up in the queue and two got finished.
From Grenadier Fantasy Personalities  Dungeoneers (715) 
Fun fact:  these are two out of three of the Dungeoneers pack, the very first pack of minis I bought way back in the early 90's from Hobby Hangout in Easton.  Second fun fact: the third figure in the pack, a fighter, is the only one of the figures that previously had a drop of paint on it.  He's cleaned up and base coated, but it's amazing the difference of painting detail on 25mm versus 28/30mm.
These new fangled minis are HUGE compared to old school figs.
My wife gave me a cryptic message in the afternoon.  "You have mail from Canadian today."  Knowing I wasn't on the list of people who miraculously got mail from the RAFM CoC Kickstarter, I was pleased to find the last three years worth of Movember special figures from Pulp Figures.  I had planned on placing an order to attach them to to spend more on shipping, but it's slipped my mind, so I assumed Bob Murch simply set them to clear out more room for the five million other projects he's always working on.
Captain Krustach of Kashgar, Lord Lippenbrush, and Stache Gable
NEXT:  Trees and Spiders, oh God!   Four more Grenadier figs, and after that? Probably will need to reorganize the table again...

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