Friday, June 24, 2016

Maja Millie: A Real Savage Worlds Character

The craziness has descended upon the household again.  Between a minor dental emergency for little Millie, local school board insanity requiring me to attend multiple meetings as a concerned parent/citizen, and Maja completely destroying Summer basketball, my late night respites have gotten as far as cleaning up the office, glancing at a few message boards, or perhaps a short dose of Netflix.

Last night I took Maja away from her new Youtube obsession (adults playing with toys is weird) and  together, we started statting out all the new figures I've painted up so that they're ready for the next Pulp game. 

One character has survived all of the Savage Showdown games, esteemed archaeologist Maja Millie.  It seemed fitting that while Maja (my daughter) created her first-ever full-blown RPG character, I expand upon the Savage Showdown stat card to a Savage World character sheet with experience for the Archaeologist. 

Maja Millie, Archaeologist and Treasure Hunter
Agility d8  Smarts d6  Spirit d4 Strength d6 Vigor d8
Pace 8 Parry 8  Toughness 6 Charisma 0

Edge: Luck, Fleet Footed
Hindrances: Code of Honor: No Hand Guns 
Skills: Fighting d6 Shooting d4  Stealth d4 Swimming d4 Throwing d4  Investigation d8 Streetwise d4 Survival d6  Climbing d4
Equipment:  Knife
16 xp

Maja Millie (center) with some friends in a simpler time...
We're still working on the rules for Savage Worlds (the basics from Showdown are cake, but they only cover Shooting, Throwing, and Fighting skill checks, with no experience advances).

Going over all the adventures she partook in, the code of honor hinderance against using hand guns was a no-brainer (I also figured that her code would stop at rifles and shotguns, since she seemed okay with cannons.)

For advances, I figured Luck was a no-brainer, a few current skill increases, and for a girl who needs to dodge bullets to escape, Fleet Footed to add +2 to her pace (and a d10 inches to run) was great improvement. 

I'll post novice stats for "Julie of the Jungle Police" soon. 

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