Monday, June 13, 2016

Weekend Update with Viscount Eric

The school year is winding down, the weather was perfect to be outside, and the Penguins win the Stanley Cup.

It was a pretty good weekend. 

To top off those hash browns of fun, we got in a good pile of games, a few new podcasts, and painting!

With my wife working Sunday, I was determined not to be the grumpy house-cleaning focused Daddy I've been on weekends past.  I ran downstairs early with some of the latest hobby purchases at Michael's and proceeded to base the latest bunch of trees I've uncovered in the garage.  Eventually, the kids found me, and we cleaned off the basement table of my ill-gotten gains from February.   Millie set up a little "game" for us to play and Maja and I finally tested out Martian Dice and Santa's Bag.    Santa's Bag will required some better shuffling, but it looks to be a winner, while Martian Dice combines some of the flavor of Zombie and Chupacabra Dice, with little of the competitive feel.  If the best I can earn after chucking thirteen dice is two or three points, then it will go on the back shelf.

After we played in Millie's game, we moseyed on up to the dining room, where we continued Maja's wargaming training.  This time it was Morale.  Working on the system for the annual Father's Day   As always, it should be a hoot.
We can't just stop the conflict.  They've been fighting since the Dawn of time...
Two out of three evenings resulted in painting time.   The second wave of Cthulhu/Pulp figures is almost done (I just posted the first wave here), and the first test mouslings done. 

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