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(Hackmaster) Burning Trogs Redux #0.4 - Ambassador-General Fonzie Schlepprock Circa 1148

As the group creeps ever closer to doing something with Hackmaster, I bring up an interesting update to the Burning Trogs characters.  Despite the love and adoration for the Pigeon God series, seeing what's up with characters in more recent campaigns isn't hitting the gamer sweet spot that it should.  We'll see if anyone remembers once we get around to mentioning "Lord Fonz"

Ambassador-General Fonzy "The Fonz" Schlepprock
Lord of Neufonzstein, Circa 1148
8th Level Gnome Titan Fighter
Align:  NG,  Ht:  3'4"  Weight:  84 lbs   Class: UMC   Age87
Birth:  Legit, Mom:  Living, Loving.  Dad:  Living, Loving.  Heritage:  Honorable
Siblings:  1 illegitimate sibling, brother, younger (alive)  normal relationship, share Mom.
Base Movement:  9
XP:  125,365

STR:  16/19
INT:   16/97
WIS:  07/52
DEX: 13/97
CON: 12/49
CHA: 16/75
COM: 11/81
Honor:   Average

Hit Points:  46
AC:  1
Total Bonus:  +4/+7 (with +2 Short Sword)

PP:  481
GP:  24,043
EP:  2790
SP:  2470
CP:  8107

XP: 147.760

Weapon Prof:
Short Bow
Short Sword Specialize (2/1 attacks, +1/+2 )

Blind Fighting
Defensive Bonus (+1 Bonus to AC)
Short Sword Bonus (+1 Bonus to Hit)

Basic Gear:
Breeches, Tunic
Belt, Gloves,
Large Belt Pouch
Flint and Steel
Rations (7 days/standard)
Rations (3 weeks, iron)
Winter blanket
1 Burning Trogs brass signet ring
Grappling Hook
War Pony with tack/bridle/saddle

Fine Silk Garments

Normal Weapons.
2 normal short swords
short bow
60 flight arrows
2 dagger

Medium Shield (+2 bonus to AC  -  4/3 damage remaining)
Studded Leather (  4/ 2/ 1  )
Ring Mail   (   6/  2/  1  )
Field Plate (24/12/10/8/6/4/2/1)

Magic Items
"Paingiver"  Shortsword +2  - if wounds another, must save vs spells or writhe in pain for 1d6 rounds.
Scale mail +1 (Human)
Dagger +2
Dagger +1
Peritapht of Health
Potion of Fire Resistance
Ring of Warmth

First Aid Skill Suite   24%
         Cauterize Wounds
         Sew Own Wounds
         Sew Wounds
Street Cred               41%
Feign Toughness      30%
Liar, Skilled              51%
Flex Muscle              28%
Weapon Maint.          Auto (10gp/month)
Shaving/Grooming    Auto (25gp/month)
Groin Stomp              23%
Rousing Speech        47%
Mingling                     26 %
Culture and Etiquette (Barthey) 28%

Gnomish                    100%
Common                     23%
R/W Gnome                27%
R/W Common             33%

Loss of eye (left)   -1 to hit
Self Absorbed
Enmity to Dwarves
Chronic Liar

Estate in Treibezond  (Neufonzstein), Duchy of Sarbonia, generates 10,000 gp/yr.

Neu-FONZ-stein (as in the German castle neuschwanstein)
He is also entrusted with general day-to-day operations of Balzmaca (Janus') in 1140 and Aiden Teppe (Cecelia's) 1143.

The Lord Fonz has built a museum/shrine of himself as an annex off the main building...similar to a british "adventurer's club" - think trophies adorning the walls and hallways of things he has acquired or "killed" (real or imagined):
  • Taxidermy animals or heads hanging from the walls 
  • Statues (from fictional heroes with a great back-story: i.e. mahogony carved "Brutis the Giant Slayer" found in the basement of the estate of the former 4th Baron of Cressida) 
  • Weapons: Numerous "magical" weapons, mostly named items without magical powers, usually just creative props to tell a story.
  • ​Paintings 
  • Relics 
  • Gifts acquired during his ambassadorship when he brokered great deals between warring heads of state 
​He is constantly acquiring new things to continually fill up his museum, and when he starts to run out of space, he contracts new workers to build another wing. On top of the museum stands a statue of himself, at least 3x his size, raising his sword in one hand and a giant "thumbs-up" on the other.

Twice per year, he holds a gala in the "Shrine of the Fonz" (FONZ-A-PALOOZA, baby!!!). There's  music (medieval rock-n-roll, cause he's still The Fonz), dancing, much drinking and eating, and after obligatory toasts to the Fonz by various guests, he then proceeds to regale his guests with all the stories of his latest exploits and how he acquired all his newest trophies, as well as a few "fan-favorites" when requested. It's a "can't-miss" event!

Awards, Medals
1 Phalera Tetracross (Giant medallion from Barthey Empire, to be inserted in armor)
2 Civic Crowns of Barthey (Gilded wreath of olive branches)
Obsidian Medal of Barthey (for heroism during the siege of Akorros)
A pile of ribbons and awards from Celsior and Marakeikos for actions during the civil war.
A pile of ribbons and honors from the Gnome Titan Legions picked up during random trips to bazaars.

Schlepprock Clan
Location:  Southern Gnomish City-States
Race:  Gnome Titan, some normal gnome mixed in
Social Class:  UMC
Alignment:  NG
Clan Religion:  Pangrus
Family Honor:  115
Notable Family Contacts:  None
Hereditary Grudges, Enemies, and Allies:
Dwarves of Ahzur Khai (grudge)

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