Wednesday, January 3, 2018

(IOU) Loathar of the Dairy People

Loathar of the Dairy People 
Loathar is a Neanderthal man from 50K years ago. He belonged to the Hill tribe, but fell into a crevasse while hunting with his tribesman into an underground riverbed. There he passed out and was frozen in a block of ice. Flash forward to present day, Loathar was found in that block of ice as it was brought to a dairy factory for refrigerant purposes. He was thawed out, took a liking to the factory workers and now works as a milk delivery man. He drives around campus in a 1956 Divco delivery van. His only real goal is to make sure that milk is delivered on time and doesn’t spoil. He is dressed like Milk Man Dan from Red Meat comics, but looks like a Geico Caveman/Neanderthal.
(4)-Direction Sense – Loathar knows where he is all the time in relation to his milk truck and his milk route. He might not know how to leave a building gracefully or open a door easily, but he knows where that truck and his next stop are.

(3) – Koko loves kitten – Loathar is not very well spoken to say the least. Speaking mostly in 1st person, he struggles with concepts and proper words to use. He has learned the art of sign language and hand gestures though. He can easily communicate with others using these and reading the body language of others.

(2) – On the Hunt – Loathar struggles with modern concepts such as daily living skills. Though his milk man suit is immaculate, his personal hygiene is horrible. He also hunts for his food, like squirrels on campus or more likely road kill, and is always willing to share. He can easily approach wild creatures and/or identify various meats by sight and smell.

(1) – What is this magic? – Loathar has a lot of trouble with anything not primitive in technology. He can drive his van, but if it is anything else he must make a roll to see if he can figure it out and use it if it’s not stone tools or a bow and arrow.

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