Thursday, December 15, 2011

(12 Days) #2 Bumbles Bounce and Bunnies Wander

Day Two and I better start giving out much love to my fellow gnomies. Today's shout out goes to Gnomie Fanatic #1, Mr Michael Lung. The man's work at sculpting, modifying, and kitbashing has earned him his own tag on this blog, a quasi-consistent series of gallery posts, and post #2 for his bunny herding.

When I was looking for a semi-solitaire system for the sheep herders during my Battle of yellowstone game, Mike was already working on a gnome verion of a solitaire game from Wargames Illustrated #27. While my game's version was very basic and had removed sheepdogs from the equation, Mike had expanded his rules to include a lovable.. er... abominable chap:

Oh, yes, Bunnies and Bumbles, the second favorite running title for TSRs original rpg. Basically the lone peasant herds some randomly moving bunnies around, with the assistance of one or two dogs. It's a nice one or two player game to fill in a small time slot. With the Bumble, it adds an extra level of drama. Fight off the Bumble, or scramble to save whatever of flock remains. Or let the dogs take the fall and dash across the board. I'll see what I can do about posting the rules, with Mike's permission of course.

Don't know the make of the dogs in the photo, or the all of the bunnies, but I will point out the bunny pen made out of a basket. I can imagine a nice Easter game using marshmallow peeps.

He's also made a Smurf soccer that's more tactical and straightforward than a bloody version of Smurf Bowl.

One day I would love to see him run a game at an HMGS con, not just as a very special guest star who brings a billion zombie gnomes to the con. He's tried his hand at sculpting, and if the Znombies are any indication, he shouldn't stop. He may even bring a super special surprise or two to Cold Wars.

As his sculpting improves, I know I'll be inquiring about what odd ranges people would be interested in buying. Armed with that knowledge, I can bug Lon at Brigade to release a few Znombies or other sculpts. If done right, it can be a win-win for all of the Gnome Gnation.

Anyway, Merry Christmas Mike!

I'm still waiting for Sherlock Gnomes....

(Update: I talked to Mike and got his permission and blessing to post the Bunny Herding Rules on here, on the condition that Wargames Illustrated and the author of the original article get credit. I don't anticipate any cease and desist letters from WI because (a) it's rules for herding animals, unless (b) Flames of War: Cattle Drive is being released in 2012.)

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