Friday, December 23, 2011

(12 Days) #10 Lessons of Maja

For starters, doing this for twelve straight days, making stuff up, rather than a mixture of news and reviews, and opinions, is absolute madness! Doing this at Christmas borders on sheer stupidity! I only have one more post to compile after this (Christmas Day was set up about a week ago, I just need to add some comments).

Today we cover that wonderful little sprite in the house, my daughter Maja. While my youngest Amelia is the one dressed as a gnome on my Facebook page, Maja has demonstrated a love of the gnome and a penchant for silly sayings.

Maja, like all kids, says some ridiculously cute things, but since I don't want to hear most of the things you think are "cute" about your kids, I won't bother you with mine. I will, however, point out the "cool" things she says, that are almost gamer-appropriate.

Arguing with my wife about the difference between Christmas and Christmastime? At home... won't bother you with details.

Explaining that the royal carriage of the prince and princess, when not in royal use, is used for delivering pizza in the kingdom, is a lesson of Maja we all could use.

Calling a Mark I Assault Fiend from Legions of Steel the "Angry Gnome"? A lesson of Maja for all.

Between the lack of minis being painted at the kitchen table and Maja just growing up, there have been fewer and fewer gaming related lessons. Now, that's not a bad thing. She is starting to communicate cause and effect and summarize "stories". She's great with the Wizard of Oz, much to my wife's chagrin. And my favorite part? She can follow along with a made up story, with only a few pictures for visual aids.

Last month, she grabbed my copy of Mouse Guard off the shelf and wanted Daddy to read her a story. I assumed she didn't want to read about dice pools, and just kept a simple story through the pictures in the book. We got about half way through until it was time for baths, and Maja's lesson?

"Mice walk in the snow a lot."

Mouse Guard: a game of epic adventure, fantastic storytelling... and mice walking everywhere in the ^!#$%!@# snow.

I've talked about Candyland before, but having a child has completely changed my gaming perogatives. Not that I don't want to play everyday, because I do... I just prefer to stay married and not have my cajones placed in a decorative container in the living room.

Now, I'm staring at the Wizard of Oz going, how can I turn this into a a multi-session campaign battle with a movable battlefield between sessions? What materials would I need to build Munchkinland? Oz? Can I justify another Swiss gnome unit just to paint them like the Munchkinland Army? When can I order the Flying Monkeys from Eureka? What body parts of my neighbors can I sell to afford them?

Heck, the new Alice in Wonderland was on, I was pondering where exactly Wonderland was located in regards to Oz, or any other fantastic book/story. It would take a little work, but she's still into it, I could put together a game for Tangled (some people like the story, dialogue, and balanced approach to Rapunzel, I just like the brigands and royal uniforms.

And on top of all of that, she'll kick all our butts in a game of Apples to Apples, far sooner than anyone is willing to admit.

Christmas is coming and I am blessed to have two of the best little girls God has put on this Earth. Amelia's still trying to figure things out, but I will do my best to make sure that outside of all the important lessons my wife Michelle and I try to teach her each day, she keeps two of the more important rules true: Always try to be yourself, and have fun doing it.

Her Ladyship

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