Wednesday, December 21, 2011

(12 Days) #8 Lazy Day... Random Pics of Doom!

Today is my lazy day of the 12 days of blogging.... I have an idea for days 9-12, but 8 maids of milking was not doing it for me... So I present nostalgia!

That's me overseeing the climatic finale of the "college campaign" circa 2000. The cardboard standup of the Thing? That's Baraxus the Destroyer, evil spider god, who has just revealed himself. The Party was not amused when anyone revealed themselves. It just ain't polite.
Pictured (l to r) Dalcin, Albert, me, Matt Bailey, Balls.
Rear view of the same scene. With thousands of figures in the area, we use a LOT of dice to represent troops

This is TOWN (The Other White Nate). He drank a gatorade/vodka mixture in the first hour and wandered around like this for the next two. He spent the remainder of the game passed out on the floor. Ironically, his character Velandro, Defender of Kobold Virginity, was the only PC to die.

East Stroudsburg University, circa 2000. (l to r) Droz, Big Sexy, Scott, a little redheaded boy named Phil, and his even younger looking friend Wooly.

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