Saturday, March 17, 2012

(Cold Wars) I Was Wargaming and a Hockey Game Broke Out

Alright, my big event is covered and I know Jim is still putting some finishing touches on the Megagame posts. When he's finished, I will link to them in another post and give my own analysis of the scenario.

First off, the official picture of the British Marines I painted for this weekend, with the SS Indoubitably in the background, complete with sails!

We're looking for a fight... and a cheap Blu-Ray Player.

I believe Friday afternoon's Gnome Wars game was titled Treasure Island, but it looked nothing like the game played on Saturday afternoon. It was similar to my Samoa game, except the coastline was pushed back, a fort added, as well as a vast amount of blue seas.

Those nine ships in the distance? Try at least 15 ships, launches, plus other floating fun in that tiny space!

In traditional Gnome Wars big game fashion, the table was divided in two. There was ship game, where players were putting Jim's ship rules to a fast and furious test, and the land game, where mostly kids and new players had fun shooting at each other. It worked out well...

... unless you were the British Marines in the fort, having to defend against the amphibious assault of marauding pirates and angry Irish, as well as have concern with the Sikhs who came on the board mere inches from their gates.

I think we're in a tight spot.... SUH!

This unit began the German theme for the entire con of sit back and do nothing

I took command of the Blue Coat British Marines in charge of the brig, the beauty of a ship Herzogbrian worked on for Jim, as documented on Jim's blog.

I was a horrible choice for captain for this ship's maiden voyage. With extra cannons on each side and the British special ability of sea legs (fighting and firing at a +1 bonus), I took my policing duties seriously as I fired warning shots at the Swiss and Highlander boats. Both ships decided to grapple onto mine and we went back and forth with a series of boarding actions. No healing for the British quickly decimated my ranks, but not before the Highlanders steamer had multiple fires and the Swiss broke off to combat a cannibal canoe threat. Just as the Highlanders and I were to strike an agreement, a crafty group of pirates fired upon us and tried to take the ship.

For the Pirates, this ended poorly

The British unloaded some cannister into the pirates and attempted to board the depleted pirate ship. I was killed to the man, but only one lone skeleton pirate was left to sail for all eternity, or until the next pirate movie comes out.

Of course I know of Davy Jones' Locker. That's where I store my Monkees records!

On top of my troubles, cannibals in canoes had infiltrated the harbor and were wreaking havoc everywhere. I'm not even sure who had my boat at the end, as the harbor was littered with burning and/or abandoned ships.

My friend Steve, who I convinced to play in three separate gnome games this weekend, controlled the pirates landing at the foot of the fort. After watching the Irish get obliterated by the British Marines controlling the fort, his pirates casually scurried away from the fort, and absconded with a ship that had been sitting at the dock, unprotected. He managed to almost get off the board without a shot being fired at him.

After a good post-game feedback section in regards to the ship rules, we headed off to Applebee's for food and booze. When we returned, Jim was deep within a playtesting session of his Fantasy Hockey game. His playtesters were the finest group able to take on such an endeavour: The Canadians. I kid you not, they were debating the proper speed and angle on a hex grid for a cross-check. I did not get a chance to play, as they were deep within playtesting, but the game itself was exciting, with a game-tying goal in the final seconds of regulation, and
an extended shoot-out with some miracle saves.

Steve (center) controlled the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything (except steal a ship)

The only thing wrong with this picture are the empty pint glasses.

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  1. I like the "German Theme for the Weekend" - sit back and do nothing. Very good. LOL!