Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hackmaster: The Journey of Mutumbo #10: Onward to Hydincall

Part Ten: Onward to Hydincall!

After the immediate slaughter of the new PCs, he remaining members of the group (Mutumbo, Cecelia, and Lord Ralphus) trudged through three more days of rain until they came to a monastery. The monks who answered the door and helped the group appeared to have taken a vow of silence. The group was given a meager meal and very modest accomodations.

In the middle of the night the monks attacked, being giant ants! After killing the ants and finding an underground network of tunnels, the PCs high-tailed it out of there, back into the rain. After another day rain, the group finally arrived in Pojunct Lock, one of the far reaches of the Crosedean Canal System. There, the pixie convinced a group of half-orcs to go to the monastery to take care of the remaining ant problem.
After a rowdy day of drinking and fighting in the tavern, the town guard corraled all the patrons and put them on a prison boat. A strange cleric caused a distraction and rescues the party with a drow tagging along. The group grabbed their animals and made a break for it out of town, the cleric dude following along ON a pack goat , and the drow (badly) riding a stolen bull. The cleric introduces himself as Kalin Sworin (human cleric), brother of Dalmar. The drow would not give his name, and was henceforth called The Drow With No Name (Drow Ranger). Kalin was willing to tag along with the group while they got their business in order so long as they started the search for his brother afterwards. The drow agreed to accompany the group so long as it kept him off the prison ship.

Before arriving in the village of Shrewsdale, the party encountered a very large bright yellow hydra. (Hoo-ray Random Encounters again!) For the second time in a game session the party tried another poor evasion. They managed to keep just enough distance away from the monsters attacks, however the woods themselves proved a bigger challenge. The drow ran headfirst into a tree (as stolen bulls are not loyal steeds) and Mutumbo was knocked off his camel by a low branch. The party was more than ready for some civilization that did not involve rain, bar fights, strange towns, and random encounters.

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