Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hackmaster: The Journey of Mutumbo #9: Dechie

Part Nine: Dechie (or The Best Intentions are Sometimes Short-Lived)

Our remaining players:
Cecilia: Half-elf Sorority girl/Fighter/Cleric of Sif
Mutumbo: Brave Nubian Warrior with nothing to do after completing his quest
Lord Ralphus: Pixie Fairy Magic-User who thinks he's king of the world

The remaining party continued their journey, stopping earlier and earlier each night, hoping that Dalmar & Co would catch up , but to no avail. The trio trudged along a rural road through the swamp and brush.They spent a few days being chased by lizardmen, a group of deluded psychotic dwarves who thought they were knights (a plot line I never returned to) , and otherwise being miserable before entering Dechie. In Dechie they stayed at the Green Griffon Inn and participated in the civilized activities like eating cooked food, consuming alcoholic beverages, and participating in bar room brawls.

GM Note: Dechie was the evolution of the village of Eding, laid out exactly like Hommlet, and the starting point of every other campaign I've run since 1992. My last AD&D campaign had a ended with little Timmy D'Echellon as Baron of the region. Timmy was the adopted son of a beloved retainer of Echellon the Cleric, who ascended into godhood. Baron "Timoth's" reign was so successful that the village slowly turned into Dechellon, or as the locals nicknamed it, Dechie.
(see Death of Echellon for more info.)

Cecelia bought a mule, which the pixie fairy rode through town, and also acquainted themselves with Merlyn (human magic-user) and Korick (smelly human beserker).

Less than a day out, the sky darkens as a dozen pterodactyls descend onto the party (Hoo-ray Random Encounters!). Merlyn was instantly impaled by a beak, and the rest of the group scattered. Lord Ralphus took to the air to fight them, Korick stood his ground in the middle of the field, and Mutumbo scurried into the treeline with the animals. Korick went into a Beserker rage and begins slaughtering anything within reach. He single-handedly slew a most of the beasts, with Mutumbo slowly advancing into field to fight the remainder As the last creatures were slain/flew off Korick barely managed to suppress his Beserker urges, to keep from hurting his new companions, but Mutumbo had seen enough.

Quote from Mutumbo's journal entry “He’s a basarker, bad thoughts come to me. I must, I have too, I charge. I think of my Family, what they did to them those basterds!”

Mutumbo charged Korick with full force (and complete surprise) and rolled a 20!!!!Sometimes those class aversion/hatred quirks and flaws bite some players in the ass (or impale them on a pointy stick). So much for new characters And Mutumbo's PC kill extravaganza continues....

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