Thursday, August 16, 2012

(Cthulhu). Horror on the Orient Express Kickstarter

The Mayans continue to be right. When Chaosium decides to go through Kickstarter, I start stockpiling canned goods. When they decide to reprint the long out-of-print Horror on the Orient Express, I plan on the Great Old Ones commuting to Earth in a clown car by December. Guaranteed.

Pledges including the finished product start at $60 (pdf included). Increased pledges are a bit too specific (lunch at GenCon '13, dinner at GenCon '13, visiting Chaosium's offices), with two exceptions:

$250 An NPC named after you

$500 Rogue's Gallery — A pre-generated character named after you, along with a portrait. These characters will be included in a book of passports of passengers on the Orient Express. You will include a mini biography and character stats (must be reasonable). This also includes all the benefits of the FIRST CLASS passenger.

Oh, to hit the Powerball and snag up all the slots, so the Coal Crackers can be played across the globe.

Or perhaps a certain passenger has a hidden past. Crippled by gambling debts, a private eye faked his own death with a terrible explosion. By the time the police could even begin to sift through the wreckage, "Monongahela" Carson was already on a steamer to Europe.

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  1. Eric, I bro love you man. You are a trip and I was thinking the same thing except that passenger was an amnesiac.