Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Get Thee to a Library!

I actually started last week's post on podcasts as today's topic, but as blogs do, it mutated into the podcast discussion.  

I finally broke down.

After over a decade I finally had a relapse.

I started writing. 

Now, I'm was never a prodigious writer of fiction.  I'm not using this blog as practice for my writing talents, or as a record of my work, as some of my friends do.  The historian-in-training in me loves the research and writing involved in a serious non-fiction work, but this time I'll be using my skills for evil. 

Time to write some Call of Cthulhu scenarios. 

After scratching out some outlines, I put pen to paper and started writing the background.  Now I just need an afternoon in the library to reference a few maps, a little local history, the comparative histories of gelogical surveys, and we may have up to three scenarios to playtest and fill time during low-player gaming days. 
Two are Atomic Horror in era only, and the other is Colonial/Revolutionary War America. 

*scribble scribble*  Okay, there are now TWO Colonial scenarios... or at least a two part adventure. 

Oh yeah, Tomahawks, I need info on mother freakin' tomahawks.

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