Saturday, August 31, 2013

More Podcast Fun

It's been a long long week. Undermanned at work, three new projects at work on top of the six existing ones, plus solving disasters faster than they can hit the fan, I'm freakin' awesome, and equally exhausted.

I'm still plugging away at the Miskatonic University Podcast, finishing up to episode 17, but also grabbing the newer 36 and 37 to be a little more current to gaming news and such.   Still great stuff, even if the episodes are now breaking through the two hour mark.  

I've started trying a two others with different. 

The Friends of Jackson Elias is a podcast operated by some of  fine folks at  I got through their half hour episode and between the pace, the banter, and the thick accent on top of it, I'll pass.  My podcast time every night fits their episodes perfectly, but I want something more out of it. 

One podcast that may make the cut is Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff.   Pretty lame title, until you realize that the duo is Ken Hite and Robin D Laws.   This is a podcast that is worth your time and money if they charged). I decided against picking up some early episodes and went with the latest episode and was not disappointed.  Their main gaming topic was languages in a campaign setting and I was saddened that they made a hard stop when the section hit its time limit.  Fantasy and sci-fi linguistics and their effects on culture, societal interactions, and gameplay?  Sign me up!

That being said the whole tone of the podcast may be a bit much for a casual gamer.  These are two men who might be described as brilliant writers and they do not dumb down the material they're talking about.   Even without the sleep deprivation I had, I would probably want to go back and hear a section or two to make sure I comprehended their ideas.  

In that same vein, we are dealing with two very intelligent geeks whose opinions  are much more succinct and credible than the average raving fanboy, or laissez faire gamer like me.  Some people will be offended for no good reason, or completely lost.  

They also used the term Soviet Necromancy.  That right there earns a listen to the next episode, and a trip through the back listings. 

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