Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Eureka to Release Afghan National Police for Fall-in!

Part of me is sad that I'll probably miss the dealer hall at Fall-in! this year.  The other part of me sees this release from Eureka and cheers that I won't be tempted to break the family budget over such cool stuff when we have a cruise, Christmas, and some capital projects to save for.

I've had a soft spot for playing anything in modern Afghanistan.  It's about #12 on my list of gaming prorities, but between Eureka's Afghan natives and US Marines, I've snagged a few figures over time.  Now, they're releasing Afghan National Police, just in time for Fall-in!

No prices from the announcement on TMP, but they would work well to represent any well-organized paramilitary unit.

Check out Eureka's website for more info

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