Thursday, April 24, 2014

(Hackmaster) Burning Trogs Rule #2: Mutumbo Confidential

Septdec, 1132
It took some time for Mutumbo to recover from the loss of his friends.  Petrified with fear and survivor's guilt, he wasn't quite feeling himself, so he kept as low a profile as a Nubian man with giant gold chains walking around a European-style fantasy world can. 

He hooked up with a number of carvans working their way over the Skyforge Mountains, ultimately reaching the decadent Empire of Ras-Prythax.  Sitting in the town square, he came upon a sight for sore eyes, a quartet of Nubians performing weapons demonstration and doing tribal dances for a few silvers.  They were not from his tribe, but they also weren't from any rival tribe.  A quick bond was formed and Mutumbo spent considerable time travelling the continent from the Vikings of Wyrmnal to the Sydincates of Ispatlia.  The money wasn't always there, but he built up his confidence, his ability, and his personality from all the public demonstrations.

In the Marakeikan city of Celsior he encountered an adventuring party led by gnome titan Zorin Redrock while mutually investigating some obvious trickster, charlatan, or gnome illusionist.  (Really, why are these obvious frauds even allowed NEAR the town gates?)   Zorin did not trust the Nubian, but he was obviously a more experienced fighter than their group, and worst case, the numerous gold chains draped around is neck (and the neck of his odd steed) would pay for a suit of gnomish Field Plate once he died.

And with that Mutumbo became a member of what would soon be, the Burning Trogs.

Next in the Hackmaster Campaign:  Burning Trogs Rule! #3 - In Search of Adventure, or, Desired Humanoid Immolation.

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