Saturday, April 26, 2014

HMGS Board of Director's Ballot Has Been Mailed

Over the weekend I got my ballot for the HMGS Inc election for officers.  Nothing too exciting  and I don't have either a horse in the race, or a horse I'd like to take out of the race, so I'll persuse the option and perform my due-given right and vote.

Two minor quibbles. 

The biographies on the website suffer from poor font, a run on paragraph, and single spacing after periods.  Yes, single spacing is the "norm" I hear from the publishing police (even worse than the grammar police), but the other two faults in the format could easily be glossed over a double space at the end of each sentence created the a paragraph of run-on sentences, versus a run-on paragraph.

Second, there's got to be a better format than the biography/platform format.  I don't want overly structured Q&A, like a newspaper interviewing judicial candidates, but harping on being a grognard and successful at your business/career doesn't win me over.  I can't remember any board nominees who were under-educated, unemployed, and just started playing historical wargames at the last con.

The HMGS newsletter was recently released as well.  Since the newsletter is a labor of love for Bob and Cleo Liebl, it's not surprising to find the contents of it to be one article on Fall-in! attendance, and the reset each game that they played in/ran at Cold Wars.  It was surprising to see they played in our Gnome Wars mega-game, center table.

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