Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Mike Lung Gallery #25: The Adventures of Stan and Sally 2

Mike continues to tinker with All Things Zombie - Final Fade Out, and has already sent a second report using his Lego minions.  When we last left our heroes(?),  Sally had successfully killed a zombie but Stan was too cowardly to help her when she was outnumbered so she became one of them (Mwhwhahaha).

The Adventures of Stan and Sally
Part II
 Now where is our intrepid hero Stan?

Running Scared.... With a Giant Wrench
 Terrified from the horrifying events back at the store, Stan runs in panic deep into the woods.  The thoughts of his own cowardice in the face of danger and his failure to protect his girlfriend, Sally, from the monsters are almost too much to bear.

Into the woods....
 Wiping tears from his eyes, he spots a camper nearby.  Maybe there is someone there that can help or maybe he can find food and shelter.

Oh no!  Not again!
One of those things is shambling right outside the camper!

Another is lurking in the woods to his right.
With the pent-up anger powered by his previous failures, Sam races toward the nearby monster to take his revenge.

"This is for you, Sally!"
 A massive blow from his huge wrench knocks the creature to the ground

Who da man?  I'm da MAN!

Two more of those things appear nearby
 Surprisingly, the creature Stan had knocked to the ground with a crushing blow, stands back up, apparently unharmed!
 The creature lunges at uncomprehending Stan and procedes to bite out hunks of his flesh

The others join in the ghoulish feast

Today is just the "Stan"-dard Buffet
 Later that day, by some strange twist of fate, Stan is rejoined by his love, Sally.
And they ate brains happily ever after.
The End

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