Sunday, February 1, 2015

The History of the Gnome World, Part 2: Nomepoleon

The Rise and Fall of Nomepoleon I
After a series revolts throughout the gnomes colonies sparked similar actions in the gnomish homelands, the reactionary rulers created their own non-instinctive Prison to trap the populace.  Secret police, inquisitions, and even agreements with creatures of the night were used to keep order.   It was enough to subvert the true gnomish cycle of wanderlust, but it also appeared to break the ancient pattern.    Revolts were only subdued for a time, and soon, pulling royalty out of their palaces and replacing it with "democratic" rules was seen throughout the homelands. 

In France, the gnomes turned to the military and the hero of the people, General Nomepoleon.   With his soldiers, the French nobility was toppled, but unlike the other countries, the military simply replaced it.  Nomepoleon ruled unopposed for decades, all the while, improving the roads, education, and the legal system.  French gnomes were willing to follow him anywhere, including in a bloody war that conquered the mainland.  Even the Swiss paid heed to Nomepoleon's decrees.

When the dark spectre of Nomepoleon I and the French covered the Gnomish homelands, the British... just sat there, with as many guns as they could muster pointed towards the French coastline. Nomepoleon I did not believe in a navy, so most British claims were unaffected by the Total War of the evil French.

Twenty years into his rule Nomepoleon I was finally defeated by a coalition of gnomes, including German, Astro, Swiss, Italian, Russian, and Surfian.   He was deposed, but his son Nomepoleon II was allowed to ascend the throne.

The British Era of Commerce
After the first Nomepoleon was brought to justice,  British interests in commerce and exploration exploded.  Outposts in Africa, South America, and the Pacific were expanded. Formal relations with Chinese, Japanese, and Indian gnomes were establish. It is during this time that both Swiss and British explorers "rediscovered" the Sikh gnomes and brought them back into the fold.

While there has not been a prolonged war between them in over 100 years, the British, Irish, and Highlanders do have the occasional series of skirmishes. None of the nations fully mobilize, but there have been scares.

In the Modern gnomish age, the British Trade Empire stretches everywhere. Their frigates and steamships are still considered the fastest in the world, although the American and German navies are doing their best to contest that claim. The British fancy themselves the world's maritime police force. All reports of piracy are met head on, with no mercy granted those found guilty.

Recently, the only instance of British involvement on European soil among the nations of the Gnomish Homeland was during the Cry-Me-A River War with Russia.

As the other nations are finally filling in the vast gaps between British ports along the frontier, the British are getting more and more involved in local politics. They have bolstered many of their local marine garrisons with British Highlanders "civilized" mercenary versions of their northern neighbors. Reports of African ports sending out Teddy Bear redcoats to defend the outer claims, or rescue British civilians, have trickled back to the homelands. Finally, a few British claims do have Sikh loyal to the British Coin.

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