Monday, February 23, 2015

(Kickstarter) Scavengers RPG

I've been following Travis Hanson every since his Kickstarter for Tanner Jones and the Quest for the Monkey Stone.   I discovered over the weekend that he's been tagged for the artwork for the Scavengers RPG on Kickstarter know.

Scavengers is a fast-paced, good-humored roleplaying game about space salvagers trying to get rich during the turmoil of galactic war.   Random ship generation and encounters will be included for hours of fun.  There are eight different positions on the crew your character can take, and five factions they can work within or against.
As the character gain experience, they earn Danger Points, where failed rolls become deadlier and deadlier.  

The reason I'm supporting this Kickstarter has alot to do with the a certain cartoon on Disney Jr.  Of all the shows I've learned to appreciate among the the princesses and pirates, it's the Octonauts.  Their episodes under the sea are properly formulaic, every member of the team gets a moment to shine, if not every episode, and the kids always learned about a new sea animal with every episode. 
One of my long-LONG-term blog projects was to be a write up of the Octonauts as an RPG, but I just haven't had the time to focus on it.  I believe that with a little modification, Scavengers could easily be used to run such a game.  I'll need to tweek Danger Points so Captain Barnacles or Kwazii don't get eaten by a giant squid, but I think it's something that the kids would enjoy.

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