Sunday, February 15, 2015

Gnomish Space Marines, It's What People Crave

This weekend, I had two main objectives to accomplish before the nasty howling winds arrived and I lost the will to live.

First I needed to preregister for Cold Wars before the Friday night midnight deadline. Between insanity at work, craziness at home, and Kindergarten basketball, that failed horribly. Time to stand in the line of dread. I will be bringing exact change to speed my process.

Second I was awaiting the results of my Mepacon poll. My string of gaming luck continued to curse me, as you guys overwhelmingly chose the Gnomish Space Marines.


The good news is I have the scenario concept ready to be flushed out, a few cardboard stand-ups I'll need to print out, and the one reference book coming over the next week via eBay. It is the one poll option that required the most effort and motivation and that's been in short supply this winter.

Here goes nothing...

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