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(Gnome Profile) King Gnomefrey

The great thing about Gnome Wars is the vast supply of statues available to acclaimed gnomes of the smallest and largest of statues.

Per the History of the Gnome World, Part One, the time between the fall of the Gnoman Empire and the Age of Exploration was know as the "Peaceful Age."   This title is a bit of a "mis-gnomer" as there were still plenty of localized skirmishes and small consolidations of power.  One of the largest acts of military might and political maneuvering was the gnome they called King Gnomefrey.

Winter is coming...  Plant Onions
Every gnome race claims King Gnomefrey as their own, but there are a few similarities between the legends.   King Gnomefrey was a humble sheriff/magistrate/constable in his home village after the fall of the Gnoman Empire.  To better protect his village, he defied gnomish body chemistry and sought out his neighboring village to form a defensive alliance against the denizens of the woods.  When, to his surprise, he discovered that the leaders of the village were actually plotting to attack Gnomefrey's village to appease some of the barbaric warlords, Gnomefrey took things into his own hands, recruited a small group of loyal gnomes, and assassinated the other village's leadership.   

He let the barbarians attack the rival village (goblins, trolls, feral gnomes, again, the legend varies) and he waded into pillaging  with his village's militia, and not only killed every creature, but claimed the village as their own.    While different approaches were made towards some of the other villages, he  ultimately gained control over seven neighboring communities, his "vegetable patches" which would send excess crops and crafts in return for protection by Gnomefrey's "Forest Patrol." 

Alas, the fate of poor Gnomefrey is the same across all cultures as well.   When he finally decided to take a wife, a jealous rival suitor of his wife poisoned him during the wedding reception.  No gnome could combine the same military might, political swagger, and command over the Forest Patrol to keep the peace between the the eight villages, so, in the natural act of gnomekind, "The Prison" took over their lives and the communities went back to their isolationist ways.

King Gnomefrey:  Any European-style gnome race and the Japanese can use the good King Gnomefrey,  Avoid using him with all-Sikh, Gnoman, or Americans.

Move: 12"
Weapons:  King Gnomefrey walks into combat with a giant hatchet (gnomish battle axe) and a shovel.
Ranged attack:  If King Gnomefrey is not locked in combat, or about to be drawn into combat, he may throw his battle axe, once per turn, at a figure within 6".  He hits on  3+,  if he succeeds, he may immediately move to the spot of the fallen figure to retrieve it, at no cost.  If he fails, his next immediate action must be  to retrieve his axe. 

Melee:  King Gnomefrey may make two attacks per turn (one axe d12, one shovel d8).  If attacking one figure, the shovel will always go last.  If attacking two people, the same rules apply for the first target.  However, if he may only use his shovel against the second target. 

Special Melee:  King Gnomefrey make take on up to four opponents at one time of his choice based on the standard rules for melee.  Defending units may attempt to flee, but doing so will require a morale check on that unit/army  for each figure fleeing before combat. 

Gnomefrey's  attack is as follows:

                 2nd Gnome A              1st Gnome  A                            1st Gnome B    2nd Gnome B

                       Shovel            -        BattleAxe          Gnomefrey       BattleAxe     -    Shovel

Combat with the 1st gnomes is simultaneous.  Depending on initiative, both 1st gnome attack, then Gnomefrey attacks both 1st gnomes.  Same actions apply towards 2nd Gnomes.  2nd Gnomes will receive the +1 bonus to overwhelm, only if his 1st gnome survives melee. 

Allied Gnomes within 12" will not rout due to failed morale checks, rolls are still required. 

Treat Gnomefrey as a 100 point character. 

The Forest Patrol:   Treat as Gnoman Archers.  May deploy hidden 6" from the deployment zone.  The Forest Patrol is revealed if they fire at enemy forces, or they are within 24" of  an enemy units and are in their front arc of fire (Enemy must be looking straight at them, not behind or to the flanks.)

Add five points to the Gnoman Archers.  Maximum of 10 on the battlefield.

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